The Recreational Tranquilizer

A "Chill Pill"

The primary ingredient in ketamine is typically horse or cat tranquilizers from veterinarian use. The recreational use is seen as ridiculous by many, doubting its affects as an enjoyable drug, as the primary effect is only drowsiness and a calmed state with few hallucinations. However, it is still very detrimental to the user's health, causing high blood pressure and depression as long-term effects. Some ingredients that may be in ketamine are valium and xanax.

Behavioral Attributes

The user undergoes a drowsy and almost dreamlike state, with relief of pain that will eventually be overcome by addiction.

Primarily used by teens recreationally and animals professionally


Ketamine is derived from tranquilizers for animals and children.

In recreational use, ketamine is typically injected into the body.

After use, users may feel depressed and forgetful.

Ketamine is known to be used as a date-rape drug, causing the taker to be unaware of surroundings and confused.



Special K

Cat Valium


Like all drugs, ketamine comes with a risk of overdose. Aside from death, excessive use may lead to paralysis of the body, which in turn may kill the user as it is possible they choke on their own vomit.