Dante Alighieri

Author ( One of the greats)


Dante was born in Florence Italy, and died in Ravenna Italy.

He was know to be on of the great writers in Italy. He was the author of the Devine Comedy and a lot more poems.


He wrote the Devine Comedy, La Vita Nuova, Convivio, Monarchia etc. He was one of the best poets in that time. Dante was also a philosopher and political thinker.

Interesting Facts

Dante had a very close bond with his Jewish friends. He wrote most of his poetry in the Italian vernacular instead of Latin, a choice that would influence the entire course of western literary development.

Impact on Today

Dante is one of the most important written in the whole of western literature. The Divine Comedy is one of the pillars upon which the Europe literature tradition has been built. Originally titled simply Commedia, Dante's masterpiece was written at the end of his life and finished just before his death in 1321.