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02 -- 06 May 2016

On the Standards Front . . .

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STRATEGY: Gradual Release

Effective Instruction begins with strategically designed lessons that address the needs of all learners. The Gradual Release framework provides a plan for effective instruction. Below, you will find the phases of gradual release outlined by the teacher and student responsibilities.

According to Doug Buehl's 2005 article, "Scaffolding," "[t]he gradual release of responsibility emphasizes instruction that mentors students into becoming capable thinkers and learners when handling the tasks which they have not yet developed expertise."


Phase #1: Opening: "Let's Connect"

TEACHER: Carefully plan and organize how to gain students attention and make connection to previous knowledge;

STUDENT: Listens and is attentive;

Phase #2: Direct Instruction: "I do it, you interact"

TEACHER: Provide the POD, model the task with think-aloud, provide direct instruction and offer errors to avoid;

STUDENT: Actively listens, takes notes, asks for clarification, and practices with a partner;

Phase #3: Shared Experience: "I do it, you assist"

TEACHER: Provide interactive instruction while working with students; meet with need-based groups, provides additional modeling and provides checks, prompts or clues as students work together with each other and teacher;

STUDENT: Asks and responds to questions; works with teacher and classmates to complete process;

Phase #4: Guided Practice: "We do, you do, I assist, observe and confer"

TEACHER: Moves among groups to clarify confusion, provide support, and teach collaborative structures;

STUDENT: Works with classmates for a shared outcome, collaborating on a shared task; consolidates learning; complete process in small group, looking to peers for clarification;

Phase #5: Independent Practice: "You do, I observe"

TEACHER: Circulates among students to provide feedback and evaluate student work to determine level of understanding/learning;

STUDENT: Works alone with notes, activities and classroom learning to complete the assignment; applies what was learned to a new situation; takes responsibility for the outcome of learning;

Phase #6: Closure: "Let's recap"

TEACHER: Restates POD and checks for understanding; makes application of learning clear and foreshadows how it will lead to next lesson;

STUDENT: Articulates understanding to teacher or peer and reflects on performance as group or individually.

GRADUAL RELEASE cited in NTC (2015) Day 1 Handout, 19 April, 2016. pp. 26-29.

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Coaching Schedule -- see Google Calendar for specific "Busy" times **schedule subject to change**

Monday, 02 May

  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Tuesday, 03 May -- Cadaver Lab w/ Mrs. James 11AM-2PM

  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Wednesday, 04 May -- 7:30 Data Teams; 9AM LATE START

  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Thursday, 05 May

  • Pope/Libolt IC Meeting -- 7:30 AM
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Friday, 06 May

  • Personal Day
  • Senior Trip to MN

Saturday, 07 May -- PROM

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