Earth Day!


oceans- The way the oceans are in danger by people throwing the trash on the flow

and when the oceans picks it up the trash it will go to the animals and they will eat it.

And if you we will keep the ocean clean. so always to pick up your trash dont leave it on the flow and if you see trash on the flow.

Sky-The way the sky is in danger making so much factories. the factories

pollute the air and when we cant breath so we should not make that much factories

walk or ride a bike.

Rain forest- the Rain forest is in danger by making forest fire,throwing trash.

And chopping trees. And the animals wont have enough food. and we can always put out the fire when i go camping and recicical our paper.

home- The way we can help our homes by dont always leave your electricity on dont

ever put the stove on and pick up your trash of course and i will always.


earth day

Wednesday, April 9th, 9pm

rosemary Rivera school