Mrs. Grimmett's Class

Getting Carried Away in First Grade


April 30th - PTO Meeting

May 1st - Buddy Day (This is not a party day! After our Buddy Day activities in the morning, we will resume our normal class schedule.)

May 12th - Reading CBA

May 19th - Math CBA

May 20th - FIELD TRIP!

May 22nd - No School for students!

May 25th - No School (Holiday)

May 29th - End of Year Party (more details to come later in May, all we know right now is the day)

June 1st - Awards!

June 1st - Talent Show

June 3rd - LAST DAY/EARLY DISMISSAL :( (I'm gonna miss these kids!)

Spring Pictures - Please make sure to return any spring pictures that you do not wish to keep. If you would like to keep them, please return your payment in the provided envelope. If you order online, please return the envelope with the order code on it so that the school will know that you have paid for your pictures. Thanks!

Please make sure your child comes prepared for school every day. This means that they have a signed blue folder brought to school with them every day. They also need to have their library books so that they can read them in class. They are getting ready to become second graders and need to learn how to be responsible. Also, students begin coming into the classroom at 7:45 a.m. Announcements begin at 7:50 and we begin class promptly at 8:00. If your student is arriving to school at 8:00, they are missing out on the beginning of our day while they are getting unpacked and ready to join us.

Writer's Workshop

We are editing our books from the beginning of the year! We will be going back and learning how to revise/edit, add details, and find spelling errors. We will then recreate one of our old books to see how far we have come!

Reader's Workshop

In reading, we will be revisiting the most important part of a story (climax). This is a very important concept in first grade and as we move towards the end of the year, we want to revisit some of our most important concepts!


Make sure your child is studying their word lists. They will be taking a test on those words every Friday!


We will be working on addition and subtraction. We will be learning to add 3 or more numbers, balancing equations, and finding the missing number!


Our plant experiments are growing great! We will be moving on to discuss animals. We will talk about the life cycle, types of animals, animal homes, characterictis of animals, and so much more! This unit will be taking us through to the end of the year.

Be looking for a project soon! We will be having a BIG at home project for animals. I will send out more information in the next week or two. I want to get into our lessons a little before I send it out. This is definitely one of my favorite things!

Social Studies

This week we will continue to learn about how to keep our earth clean by reducing, reusing and recycling! We will be completing a fun Lorax project and talking about different ways to help our environment. Check out the following videos we will be watching in class!

A Few Things That Brought A Smile To My Face!

Are You Still Here?

This year is almost over. I know many are not reading these anymore and I even forget to send them out sometimes. (I completely had one made 2 weeks ago and forgot to send it!) Did you really read to the end of this page? If so, have your kid show you two ways to compose/decompose a number using place value and send it to school! I will give them a special treat!