Mid month Dazzler team news Flash

hi and happy easter

So happy, happy Easter to you all for the end of this week. The weather is stunning and both the fashion editors, the magazines and most importantly the Dazzlers are out in force showcasing our stunning new collections.

Pick a statement necklace and wear it to the park, to the beach !!! to LEGOLAND, to the small animals farm... literally everywhere you go and if you have it make sure you are also wearing the Palm Springs stunning turquoise scarf. Why? Because when someone admires it you can tell them its theirs for free if they'd like to get the gals around for a coffee before the end of the month !!!

A minimum show is a 45.00 scarf, 30.00 to spend on free jewels and 2 x 40% off pieces, like what's not to love.

and its double points for Glam Getaway. Even if you are not going for the trip you totally must go for 8000 points and the Black Chantilly Lace Cuff. It will be part of the Winter collection launching 1st October and it will be a Christmas best seller, and its your free as level one of GG xxx


Awesome April

Don't forget that all Dazzlers are entered into my draw this month when you qualify. That's 600.00 retail/325 PCV. I have 10 pieces of the summer collection to give away, will you be in it. There are 34 of you in it already go dazzling gals x

Also please remember that in order to make sure you hit the level of pay that are striving for its important to know that you need to watch the PCV in your reports as well as the sales. Although your sales may show 600.00 or 2200.00 its the PCV equivalent that you need to note as, if you've had a return this will not affect your sales total but the PCV total. so quick ref guide

To qualify you need to be showing 325 PCV

To hit pay rank of senior stylist you need to be showing 800 PCV

To hit pay rank of Star and earn the 5% commission rebate ( 30%) you need to be showing 1200 PCV


Have to give a huge shout out to the team stylists who have already hit 1200 PCV and therefore are earning 30% on their sales

whoop whoop to

Anna Dark

Petrina Goldman Sill

and to Catherine Dyke-Price who is a whisper away

and finally

I have just downloaded all the names in my reports of our total team in order to mail out this newsletter. If I have added you and you do not wish to continue to receive updates at any time please unsubscribe at the bottom here and accept my sincere apologies for bombarding your inbox

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