PVE News Update

"PVE-Where A Great Beginning Lasts a Lifetime"

Week Ahead for December 15th:

Good Morning-

We have a fast week ahead. Let me give you advance gratitude of thanks for the the little extras you will need to do to ensure a safe and successful week ahead.

Tracy is out for the this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family for a successful week ahead and quick recovery. She was moved at our Staff party by the kind gift from the great staff at PVE.

Speaking of staff party, thank you to Michelle Weesies, Donna Frecker and our planning team. We were blessed with a beautiful home to enjoy great fellowship. Thank you team!

With our front office team being short handed, please double triple check the last minute travel plans. This week can feel a bit out of routine, especially for our little guys.

Dan and I will be away Tuesday morning for a leadership meeting. Also, we will have several folks in Non Violent Crisis training on Wednesday.

We look forward to busy week ahead with many fun activities such as 4th grade Hoosier Wax Museum on Tuesday! See around campus!