Apple Assistive Technology

Right under my nose.

Putting it into context

It is interesting to me that I have been aware of these features built into Apple technology as well as the educational potential for Apple products, but I never quite connected the dots putting together what that means and how those technologies could be applied to students with disabilities and also by extension to ELL. I always thought about this technologies being used on an individual basis in a home environment rather than a school or educational environment.

New Insight

Thank you for giving me new insight into how Apple products and technology could be used for both students with disabilities and ELLs.

You talk about the cost as a possible caveat to using Apple products. I know Apple products can be expensive, but I wonder what the cost is relative to other technologies? I also believe that Apple offers discounts to educational institutions and offers services to set up and implement their technologies in schools. It may be possible that Apple products might come out less expensive than some other solutions and because of their general ease of use, money might be saved in training.

I can definitely see how these technologies could be used in schools, or at home for educational purposes and being a huge Apple fan myself I can see myself in the future making use of what Apple has to offer.