Andrew Jackson

Who made a proud and sophisticated nation go rouge

Meet The Redneck President

This man grew up poor and and decided to be a rich guy don't get the wrong idea that takes talent to do but what he does with his power that makes me upset

Strike 1

He did the most inhumane thing ever possible, he nearly took out an entire tribe of native american by forcing them onto reserves 1,251 miles away

Strike 2

He is giving his redneck friends jobs they dont deserve, just because your friends supported you doenst mean you should give them a job

Strike 3

He closed the national bank with a veto he had no charge over. Just because he thought it favored the wealthy. So what life is unfair

Political Cartoon

After his veto of the Bank of United States bill, President Andrew Jackson's opponents accused him of abusing his Presidential powers. This cartoon shows Jackson as a tyrannical king, trampling on the Constitution.