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You must read Matched by Ally Condie. The gondra is dystopian and romance its similar to Divergent,Hunger Games etc. A girl named Cassia, lives in the future where everything has to be perfect and controlled. They also control your love life, Cassia just turned 18 and it was time for her to be matched. They told her that her match is Xander a childhood friend and before the match she wished to be with Xander. But then after the matching they get a device that says everything about your match and she opened it and saw Xander's face but then the screen went black and a picture of a different guy appears. Now she has to make a choice between Xander and Ky and choices to obey the rules or go against them.

My Opinion

This book honestly kept me reading more and more and i'm not much of a reader but this book was really Great! this novel was one of my favorites because it was romance, rebellion, mystery. Cassia came a far way to following the rules to breaking them and having lots of questions that lead to another. Wish made me read more to find out the answers to her questions and the questions I had. I really recommend this book if you like romance and dystopian and there's three books to the series. If you enjoyed Divergent, The Maze Runner and Hunger Games etc. series you will really enjoy Matched too.

Empathy And Sympathy Connect To Book

There is lots of empathy and sympathy in ''Matched" there's moments when cassia feels empathy (connect with them) for people in the book for example a quote in the book says "I don't know. I don't know if hes real, Ky says. If he ever existed. Then why tell his story? I don't understand, and for a second I feel betrayed. Why did Ky tell me about this person and make me feel empathy for him when there's no proof that he ever lived at all?'' But she also felt sympathy (feel for them) for people for example Cassia feels sympathy for Ky because he can't be matched with someone because he's from the outer province.

Guaranteed it will have you reading more