Second Grade Newsletter

May 16-20

Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Seely, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Williams

Math: In math we are beginning to move on towards fractions and geometry. Students will be identifying equally partitioned shapes as halves, thirds and fourths. We will be working with different shapes in order to represent fractions in different ways. Next up, ARRAYS!

Reading: As we are wrapping up the year it is important to remember that the DRA assessment is right around the corner. Students will be reviewing how to provide a thorough retell of a story that they read. As well as identifying important details that support the main idea of the story. Students will have the opportunity to practice retelling books on their level this week.

Please make sure your student read for at least 20 minutes each night or read their book bag!!! The reading log should be filled out every night!!!

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Look at these readers! Analyzing text through compare and contrast strategies.


With the end of the year near, we have MAP testing coming soon. You can visit these websites to work with your child on their needed skills; ask your child's teacher for their RIT band. Our goal for your child is to 198 or 60 percentile.



Map Testing Dates (Reading starts in April. Math and Language are in May.)

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Language MAP

Smith- 16th

Seely- 24th

Adams- 18th


Visit this website!!!!

Lexia and Dreambox, both have a link set up!

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Field Day Volunteers

Dear Parents,

In order to help our field day run smoothly we will need volunteers! This year’s field day will be May 20, 2016 and will consist of about 21 stations. Field Day will begin at 8:00 and I would like for the volunteers to be at school no later than 7:45 on this day. This will allow time to ask any questions regarding the assigned station. Some stations will involve water and the students will get wet. I will also need some people to fill water balloons. I have the balloons and can send them home with your child if you could just fill them with water and then send them to school May 19


or the morning of field day. The other stations will be dry. If you would like to volunteer please email me and let me know the following:

I would prefer working a station that involves water.

o I can’t work a station but I can fill up some water balloons and send them into school.

o I would prefer working a station that does not involve water.

o I can work a station all day.

o I can work a station in the AM only.

o I can work a station in the PM only.

I will contact you with the information and description of your station.

Thank you for your help to make this a day your child will remember!

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Park's Pedal Party!

Join Mrs. Zaring at 10:00 am on Saturday May 14th. The cost is $6.00 if you going Mrs. Zaring's group. See the flyer for more information! :)
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Sr. Gomez

Sr. Gomez has made her own newsletter to keep parents informed!! Check it out at:

Upcoming Events:

  • May 17t NO SCHOOL -Primary Election
  • May 18th: Field trip to Gattiland
  • May 20th: FIELD DAY!!!!
  • May 20th PTO Elections & Transition Meeting 6:00 pm
  • May 26th Awards for 1st and 2nd grade at 8:00 am
  • May 27th Last day of school
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Looking for something to do? Try skating!

Skating is great exercise!

If you sign up,you will receive a free pass for your student through email (good Friday-Sunday at select times)! You just have to pay for the skate rental fee. Thank you to the Chadwell's for letting us know about this awesome opportunity!

Roller skating is...

  • A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • A way to burn anywhere from 330 to 600 calories per hour!
  • A Great for improving balance and flexibility.
  • A fantastic source of aerobic exercise.
  • A key to weight control.
  • Easy to learn.
  • A great tension reliever and enthusiasm builder.
  • An excellent way to help maintain good health.

We are all LEADERS in second grade!