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Shaw Montessori Newsletter - Weeks of October 3rd & 10th

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Message From Nurse Rose
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • Garden Update
  • Primary Outdoor Environment
  • Message from Shaw PTA / Fun Run!
  • Shaw Calendar
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greetings Shaw Community,

WOW, our community REALLY showed up for our 21/22 Fun Run! Your support was epic! This was our best, most profitable Fun Run yet. Two ladies that have worked tirelessly on the unseen organizational pieces the last month to make certain the day was as successful as it was for our children and community are LeighAnn Dolan and Joy Beulow. I know when you see them around campus or at our next PTA meeting you will show your gratitude. An additional debt of thanks is owed to Mary Bankhead, our PTA VP and all of the parents who came in to sort and deliver prizes. And finally to you parents/guardians for promoting our Fun Run on multiple platforms with so many generous folks. I am sure you had some tired, colorful children on Wednesday evening. We had a colorful blast!

When we return on October 11th, we have 6 short weeks until our next break. We see some incredible gains during this time. Please continue to support your child’s learning by making sure they have an iReady homework schedule. Encourage reading and please, read to your young children. There is an incredible amount of speech development and language enrichment that occurs when you sit down with a book and a child.

Wishing you a delightfully and surprisingly cool fall break. Happy Reading!

All the best,

Principal Engdall

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Message From Nurse Rose

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Students with Covid this week: 1

Family members with Covid this week: 3

Health Screening is coming up! Our annual Hearing and Vision Screening is set for October 13. We will have nurse’s from other schools coming to help out since we are doing the entire school.

Our Tuesday Covid Pooling went very well this week. We tested 181 students/employees. None of our Pools tested Covid 19 positive.

What are the most common symptoms of Covid 19 in children?

Fever and cough are the most common COVID-19 symptoms in children, according to the CDC. "The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar in adults and children and can look like other common illnesses, like colds, strep throat, or allergies," the CDC reports. In addition to the COVID-19 symptoms listed above, children may also experience stomachache, poor appetite or poor feeding, especially for babies under 1 year old. In some children, fever may be the only sign of COVID-19 infection.

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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HOLIDAY HELP If your family is struggling with basic expenses and may need support during the upcoming holiday season, please reach out to your school social worker as soon as possible. There are always more requests for support than there are resources. Often deadlines for applying are in October. There are programs that can help with gifts for children under 12, programs and food banks to help with food and sometimes even rent assistance to avoid eviction.


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Garden Update

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This was our last week of planting. We sowed fall root vegetables, winter greens and some bulbing flowers (tulips and daffodils). Our seedlings have started growing from the previous weeks planting. We said supportive things to them and the 1st graders even sang songs to the seedlings (the cutest thing on Earth). The 7th and 8th grade rows have sprouted corn, beans and squash. It’s going to be a fruitful growing season!

We began our soil curriculum this week and learned the difference between dirt and soil. There are many differences but the biggest difference is that soil is LIVING while dirt is DEAD. The students were able to observe this difference with the insect populations in the garden. We also learned the components of soil; clay, silt and sand. We looked at particle size and mixed each ingredient together to form a viable sediment. There’s another one of our vocab words-SEDIMENT.

Some garden classes were canceled this week due to parent/teacher conferences and the Fun Run. The latter being well worth the cancelation. I think we all enjoyed watching the students incinerate calories to raise money for the school. Some of these funds will be used to build our outdoor kitchen. Stay tuned for more details on that!

We have a volunteer day on October 16th. We need everyone’s help. This is a great opportunity to earn your volunteer hours with the school. You can sign up by reserving a volunteer spot @ It’s going to be loads of fun!

We still need your Home Depot donations. Even $25.00 is a huge contribution. Another way you can help is to drop off used coffee grounds. You can ask your local Starbucks barista for their used grounds and they will happily give them to you. Used coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and will be used as an amendment to our soil. You may drop off these bags at the front office.

Here’s the link to Home Depot gift cards:

Here’s my email:

Have a spectacular fall break!

Mr. Moench

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Primary Outdoor Environment

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Primary Garden Teacher Spotlight!

This is Bryce Miguel and her son. She is our newest garden teacher in the primary ODE. Bryce is a mother of two sweet children. One is attending Shaw and the other accompanies Bryce in the garden. We are excited to have Bryce’s talents with us this year. Bryce has a passion and talent for decorating, styling outfits, sewing cloths and has run a small business of boutique children’s clothing.

Why does Bryce love the Primary ODE?

“I love learning from the kids in the outdoor environment. They have such great personalities and imaginations.”

Some fun facts about Bryce; She has traveled to the end of the world, Patagonia Chile. She lived through a tornado and is a mac and cheese connoisseur! She also has a sweet tooth for Reese’s fast break, sour patch watermelon candy and twizzler nibs.

Remember that you can help out both the Primary and Elementary ODE’s by donating your uncrushed aluminum cans. Please drop them off near the Primary Gate Entrance.

Proceeds go to purchasing Chicken Feed.

Think Green,

Stacie Ricks

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Message from Shaw PTA President - Leigh Ann Dolan

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… And that was Fun Run.

Did anyone else have a hard time waking their kids up the day after Fun Run? Just me?

Those kiddos did such an amazing job this year. From our littlest littles to our truly ginormous Middle Schoolers (seriously, when did our kids get so big), they ran like the wind and raised a TON of money for the school. Thank you to all of our Shaw Stars!

And we couldn’t have done it without your help! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you parents for supporting your Shaw stars! Thank you for going online and registering. Thank you for standing on the other side of the fence and watching the run from afar when all you wanted to do was be there with your kiddos. Thank you for tolerating the mini rockets and the lighted flying discs and the headbands and the fact that we ran out of prizes twice. Thank you.

(Oh, and don’t you worry. We will be getting more Throwback Fanny Packs over the break and the scooters will be coming as well! Your kiddos can keep earning prizes through October 6th, when pledging will officially close.)

Thank you so much to all of our parent volunteers -- especially Alissa Cowen who is a prize delivery pro by now!

Thank you to our teachers who kept their students engaged and pumped up through all of the Fun Run festivities.

Special thanks also goes out to Ms. Patti and Tara Kerwin for taking awesome pictures. You can find Tara’s photos on the website under photos.

Thank you to all of our administration who had to deal with t-shirts and prizes invading the office, with a special thanks to Ms. Christina for her morning Fun Run enthusiasm -- especially during our theme days.

I will continue to insist that the best money we have ever spent has been on Principal Engdall’s Star costume! Thank you so much Principal Engdall for everything you did to pave the way for a successful run!

And of course, thank you to Joy Buelow who, in addition to dealing with a new job and planning a huge event, found time to run the Fun Run with me even though she called me and told me she couldn't run the Fun Run this year. She is the best! Thank you Joy!

So how much did we raise? Which class won?

Well, just like every good TV show, you will have to come to the next PTA meeting for the official announcement of our Fun Run Winners and final total! So I’ll see you on October 20 at 6pm for the PTA meeting!

Thank you,

-Leigh Ann

The contests are over, but pledging and prizes are still available through October 6. Login to

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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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