5BL Newsletter

September 16-20

We are halfway through the quarter...how is that possible! Progress reports will be coming home on Friday so keep an eye out.

In reading we are starting to read the book, Becoming Naomi Leon. We will be doing a lot of different activities with this book. We will be looking at character traits, narrative elements and vocabulary this week with the novel. I am excited to start reading this book to the class...they will love it!

In fifth grade math, students took their Mid Module 1 Test. We are now starting the second half of the module where students will begin lessons on adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers with decimals. Having learned place value already students will be aware of the fact that the decimals in addition and subtraction need to be lined up.

In accelerated math, students are multiplying and dividing fractions. They are continuing to work hard and are doing well.

In writing, students have chosen their memory in which they wish to write their memoir. We discussed adding details to their writing last week. We wrote our introduction and have started on the body paragraphs of our memoir. We will continue to write our body paragraphs and begin our conclusion.

In social studies, we are testing on chapter 4 on Monday and then we are starting chapter 5 and we will be learning about the first colonies in America such as Roanoke & Jamestown. Students will be working on taking more detailed notes by using the headings to help break up their notes into the important facts.

In spelling, students are working on lesson 3. This lesson has to do with VCe syllables. Students are really starting to understand the different types of syllables. Students will be typing sentences and practicing the spelling of their words with partners this week.