Aerospace engineering

By Joey Sandoval

What does an Aerospace engineer do?

An Aerospace Engineer can do many things, there are many places in the career that are different form the rest. But in basic definition it is a type of engineer that designs or builds things that go into the air. Basically everything that you see fly into the air or go in space had to be designed but a Aerospace engineer.


The average salary of an aerospace engineer can range form $60,000 to up to $120,000. Your average salary can definitely depend on who you are working for and the amount of years you have in collage.


Your education is key for this career. There is many things you need to learn before you become an Aerospace engineer. Your schooling to become an Aerospace engineer can be pretty high, up to 6 or 8 years, this can can benefit you later when you need it later.

About me

I am a high school student and plan on attending a collage that will get me accepted into NASA. I really enjoy creating things and using my imagination. I mainly think i will enjoy this career because of my imagination