Attention :

Wild Hogs in Irving

Stipes Students & Parents

there are wild hogs in irving please do not and try and take this situation in your own hands , but please be alarmed. we are trying and doing everything in are power to help

Why Are they Here:

  • because there are lots of grasslands ,lakes and prey and mostly because of the flooding in trinity river

what effect do they have on irving ?

  • They are putting children ,parents and residents in the stipes area in danger

what to do in a encounter

  • Stop ! / do not run that will cause the hog to run after you
  • Contact the irving wild life center so they can be aware .

General Infomation

  • sizes - baby hog ,middle aged and adult
  • weight - the average weight for an adult is 200lb-700lb
  • what they eat - hicory nuts,friuts,mushrooms ,small birds,rabbits,eggs and area animals
  • predators - Humans !