George Washington

The Father of Our Nation


George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 on a Virginia Plantation. He had many interests but was popularly known for his military arts, western expansion, and farming. At the age of 26, he married Martha Custis who was a widow and previously had two kids, Jackie and Patsy.

Revolutionary War

On June 15th, 1775 George Washington was appointed as Commander-In-Chief and Major General of the Revolution. He was elected because of three important reasons: 1. Virginia (his home state) was the largest British Colony in the "New World", 2. They needed southern support, and 3. His previous experience with the French & Indian War. During the American Revolution Washington lost more wars than he won, but this aspect didn't determine his great leadership skills, supplying the continental army with faith. The most successful battle Washington lead was "The Battle of Yorktown" in 1781 that led to the victory of the continental army.

"Truth will ulitmately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light." -George Washington

The Birth of Our Nation

After the American Revolution, America's government still wasn't established. Using the "Article of Confederation" we centered the power with the states. This resulted badly due to the states not being unified on certain topics. George Washington served his first term in April 30th, 1789 and continued to serve one more term after that lasting until March 4th, 1797. During his time in office there were only 11 states. He believed in keeping involvement with foreign powers to a minimum, but seeked peace with Britain for more successful trade. He left our government with 3 branches and a balance of power.


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