Staff Update

October 14, 2016

"When you are not sharing your brilliant ideas, you are doing a disservice to others."

~ Angela Maiers

"Every child in your class is someone's "everything", how would you want your everything to be treated?"


News You Need to Know!

  • Calendar - If you have not been able to access the Chadwick Outlook calendar, please let Chris know ASAP. We will begin using it for all information. If you have something to add to the calendar let Barb M. know and she will get it added.

  • Grade Level Meetings - The updated grade level meeting schedule was shared at the staff meeting and is also attached to the Friday email. We will meet together in Ann's office for the "meet with Admin" time and the remainder of the time is for grade level planning. Please bring your collaborative spirit and your charged device!
  • SLO Support - Sam Yahanick will be here on Wednesday 10/19 to support teachers in creating their SLOs. Three templates are attached to email. Please bring your device to the conference room during your plan time for this optional support.
  • ELA reminders- From Melissa: I just wanted to remind all the classroom teachers that it is important to stay as close to the ELA Pacing Guide for each Reading Unit as possible. I have attached the Pacing Guide in case you want to reference it at any point. Usually two weeks before the unit ends and two weeks after, a Periodic Assessment will be placed on BCPSOne for you to assign to your students. The ELA office stated that because this is the first year, they will email me when it has been done but typically we would be able to follow the dates on the ELA Pacing Guide. This is part of the 100 points that Missy and Ann were discussing relating to grades (this is worth 20 points) and the Culminating event is 80 points to equal 100 points. Please let me (Melissa) know if you have any questions. I will let you know when I have heard from the ELA office about the first Periodic Assessment. Grade 2 will not have a Periodic Assessment for Unit 1 and Grade 1 will not have one for every unit.
  • ELA office visit - Monday afternoon we will have staff from the ELA and math office visiting Chadwick. We may be visiting some classrooms.
  • Great American Shakeout - Thursday 10/20/16 is the Great American Shakeout, an earthquake preparedness exercise. We will practice an earthquake drill at approx. 10:20 am. Listen for an announcement and direct your students to DROP, COVER, and HOLD. Drop to the ground, get under cover, and hold on until shaking stops.
  • Committee Meetings - Monday is committee meeting day! Please remember to take notes and save to the share drive.
  • Celebrate reaching goals! - set goals let us help you celebrate them. Please send Edna ans Missy information on students (or whole classes) that reach goals. We will schedule a way to celebrate!
  • Shout-out - Nominate a staff member or group for a Shout-Out! You all know the fabulous things your coworkers do for each other, so fill out a "Shout-Out" notice and give to Missy. Forms will be available near the mailboxes :-)
  • Projector Filter - Please take a minute and clean out the projector bulb filter. Just pull it out and blow to remove dust is all that is needed. This saves us on projector bulb burnouts. Do at least quarterly. Thanks!


Anna - For creating and organizing all the Bullying Prevention week materials. Thanks Anna!