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Job descriptionArchitect is a kind of a mixture of joy in which we do certain kinds of thing. which includes paper work and even it include phycical inputs.After bieng a Architect we need to design the the buildings basically the frame work of any type of a construction and we need to suggest our costemers that where do they need to buy things needed for construstion.Qualification and educational requirements.  Qualification needed for this job is we atleast have to be graduated. educational requirements are, we need to have a bathclor degree/master degree in the particula course of designing or construction.How will i pay for my Education?I would try my level best to get a scholarship for the particular course,or if its not possible i would do a part time job and will give my own money.!Specific skills required for the job.Things needed for this job are:We should be powerfull in MATHWe must be able to imagine an object on differend angles.We must be very good at designingWe must be knowing the software(autocad)Even we should know a little bit of geograpy in order to know the land types and etc.The type of income you'll receive.In a job of being an architect we would recieve our income on rofit/royaltries basic.These kind of income  means when we do something for other people and then they pay us for there services and we earn money.Approximate income we would earn(yearly)It is some thing like $95k-$100kIntresting things about being an architect.its a very good job for the eople intrested in the subjects like designing,geography,math and a bit of physics,this is a good thing about the job.In this kind of a job we do not have to take any risk and there is  never a risk of loosing a job as constructing business will always be there....                                                                                                                         THANK YOU