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Prince of the baseball diamante!

This read aloud is planned for 5th graders. This story is about the wonderful life of Roberto Clemente, who was a famous Latino baseball player who was more worried about earthquakes across the word than his own games. This Book has won an award for children's books is the

Americas Award 2011

Willie Perdomo reads his children's book Clemente!
Willie Perdomo en Camaradas, Spanish Harlem, NY

A Little Bit About the Author

Willie Perdomo is a prize winning poet and children's book author. He has written several children's books and has won several awards for his books is a pushcart price nominee and recently was a Woolrich Fellow in creative writing at Columbia University. He is co-counder/publisher of Cypher books.

Procedure of the Read Aloud!

I would first ask the students "How many love baseball?" "How many of you know about Robert Clemente?" Then I would start by saying "This is the story about how Robert Clemente lived his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, and what he did to help other while doing it." Then begin to read the story, I would make sure they would all have a piece of paper or a post it note. As I read I would stop on the first page when it says "mint conditioned" I would ask what the meant by mint? What are the other definitions of mint? and ask them to write it on their paper. I would continue on reading and stop on page 17 where it talks about Robert Clemente getting on a plane. I would ask them what they think would happen after that? I would also ask them what sacrificed meant. What did it mean in the story, and where else they have heard that word. I would have them write that as well on their paper. I would finish the story and then asked them what it meant to them. Then I would have them write on their paper if there was something they were good at. Did they ever give up? Did they want to give up?

Written Reflection

All About Miss. Becker!

Miss. Becker is a Junior at Wichita State University and is studying to be an elementary education teacher. She works at Hidden Lakes golf course in the summer, and is a basketball official/ basketball coach in the winter. She has enjoyed every job she has worked at, but looks forward to being in a classroom with students and teaching the students the joy of learning.