Marco Polo

A great traveler and inspiring person


  • NAME: Marco Polo
  • OCCUPATION: Explorer, Journalist
  • BIRTH DATE: c. 1254
  • DEATH DATE: January 08, 1324
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Venice, Italy
  • PLACE OF DEATH: Venice, Italy

Achievements and Discovery's

Marco Polo went to some of the farthest parts of Asia! He spent most of his youth in Asia! When he went to Asia he went to places Europeans have never been before. He went to china to see Kublai Khan. He worked there for 17 years. While he was there he mastered four languages. On his way home from China Marco Polo got captured and put in Jail where he met a writer who wrote all of Marco's story's down.

Impact on the world or Today!

Marco Polo influenced a ton of people to venture out into he world. He made a huge impact on Christopher Columbus to venture out and see other parts of the world. One of the biggest ways Marco Polo changed the world was to challenge the European view of itself. Europe had a superior attitude that Polo's accounts of his travels in China destroyed. China was every bit as advanced as Europe, something that came as a surprise to Europeans. Polo inspired other explorers, in particular Christopher Columbus, to visit the Far East which in some way changed the world. He also influenced cartography in Europe which led to the introduction of the Fra Mauro map.

Marco Polo's Pictures