Oasis Beach-House


This is the Best of them all.

There are nice houses for you to choose; however, take my advice and consider buying this beautiful beach-house. Have you ever dreamed of a relaxing moment at the beach and a ocean scenery right outside your window? Well, you're in luck because we have just what you're looking for. A gigantic four story, luxurious beach-house with a restaurant full of a life time supply of sea food. Crab legs, lobster tail, tuna, shrimp, clams, you name it! We have it! All this and more at only the price of $55,000!

Included with:

  • Queen bedroom
  • Cruise ship
  • Crystal blue water swimming pool
  • Your own personal butler
  • FOOD!!!

Quick reduced sale of now a half a penny

More Info:

Buy this house now because this offer wont last long. There are many wonderful houses out there, but this one is made just for you. Remember you don't have allot of time, people are rushing to get there hands on this nice house, so BUY THIS HOUSE!!!

Contact us at 777-7717, Westing Ln.