Foreman's Fantastic Foxes



Second quarter is off to a fabulous start! Students are setting new goals and improving daily on building Reading stamina, Writing stamina, and showing great progress displaying the FH WAY character traits (being kind, being respectful, being responsible and being the best Fox they can be).

As a class, we have reached the goal of 40 Show Line tickets and we are well on our way to reaching our next goal of 50 Show Line tickets. We will receive popcorn and a movie when this goal is reached. I love the way each person is growing individually as well as making great choices that are for the benefit of the entire group!

We use many tools to help us become better readers. An electronic tool our class uses is RAZKIDS.COM. Each week the students look at the growth they have made reading books at their level on this website. Then, they look at the quizzes they have taken on and we set goals new for the following week based on the information. The kids love this tool because they can listen to story, then read the story themselves as many times as they need to before they do the quiz. Parents can also access their child's reading record and success on by clicking on the parent link.

So, we read, eat, sleep and REPEAT at Fox Hill !! Don't forget to READ YOUR HEART OUT and keep track of it on your BOOK-IT reading log sheet. We had 13 students turn their log sheet in for October. Let's have EVERYONE turn the log sheet in for NOVEMBER! We're nuts about reading!