Marie Curie

by Angelia Larriviere

Curie's Life

Marie Curie was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. She was a physicist and a chemist who studied radioactivity and discovered uranium rays. Curie theorized that they came from the element's atomic structure. She also discovered 2 new elements that we might not have ever found if it wasn't for Marie Curie.

-She was inspired by Henri Becquerel

-During her childhood, Poland was separated and trying to unify again

-She was diagnosed with depression at 15

-She was very smart in grade school

-When she was young, her sister died at age 8

-Marie's college story inspires people because her sister was older than her so she worked for her sister to go to college and then her sister worked for Marie to go. She spent every dime on her college tuition, so she lived off of buttered bread and tea every day

-She went to school at Warsaw's Clandestine University

-She was married and had 2 kids.

- While in the peek of her career, she was accused of breaking up a marriage by the press. Curie had to overcome that for the sake of her career

-In the war between Poland and Germany, Curie helped the wounded soldiers by giving them x-rays, to see where the bullet was in them.

-Curie had the important experience of discovering 2 elements

-She received a nobel prize twice

-The only places she lived in is Poland and France

-Marie Curie died July 4.1934 from too much exposure to radiation.

"I am resolved to put all my strength at the service of my adopted country, since I cannot do anything for my unfortunate, native country just now..."

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