CT Audubon Coastal Center

Birds, beach, marshes, and tidepools in all seasons

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You may not think of the beach as an ideal outing outside of the summer months, but there are beach adventures to be enjoyed year round!

The CT Audubon Society Coastal Center at Milford Point is frequented by birders and serious fishermen - you'll likely see some of each in the parking lot, with all of their specialized gear. For fall and winter beach exploration, my kids are happiest when wearing a wind-proof layer, a hat, and insulated rain boots.

There is a small, free parking lot at the Center. From the lot, you'll see an observation platform that overlooks the marsh, as well as the big nature center building. The building is closed (as of fall/winter 2020, for COVID), but if you go up on the deck and head to the back left corner, you'll find a spiral staircase up to a two story observation platform over the marsh.

After enjoying views of the marsh, head out across the small grassy field (with the nature center at your back) and follow the boardwalk to the beach!

Once you reach the end of the boardwalk, you'll see a marsh is between the end of the boardwalk and the main beach. We usually go left, around the end of the marsh, to reach the main beach. On the main beach, we like to walk left to hunt for sea glass and play. If you go right towards the very end of the beach that is where you'll see most of the birders and fishermen.

A few tips:

Check the hourly weather forecast for Milford, and in particular pay attention to the wind speed. The beach can be much windier than it is at your house. Anything above about 10 MPH makes for a less fun outing.

Check the tide tables, HERE. This outing is the most fun with a big, wide beach at low tide. About 2 hours on either side of low tide works fine.

Right now, in early winter, we have enjoyed timing this outing for about 90 minutes before sunset. If you walk to the left when you get to the main beach then the low-in-the-sky sun will be at your back. Walk and explore for about 45 minutes and then when you turn around you'll be heading back towards the sunset and you can watch the sky change colors as you head back to your car!

Note that no dogs are permitted on the Coastal Center property.


1 Milford Point Road
Milford, CT 06460