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Saving Your Monthly Copies

Monthly $5.00

Do you find yourself at the end of the month standing in front of the copier and can't log in? Do you think to yourself how can I give students this assignment without using up all my copies? Well check out some of these tricks below!

Trick #1 Scantrons

The Scantron machine is a machine that will score a sheet of student answers as well as give you an analysis of student responses. This is a great resource because it saves on creating copies of a test for all students. You will only need a class set large enough for your largest class. REMEMBER: Keep your sets and you can use them over and over! Below I have posted a video of how to use the Scantron machine. Here at Hopkins, our Scantron machine is located in the Consumer Science room on the Related Arts Hallway. We will have a quick tutorial on next department meeting after break. Currently, we are out of scantrons. Ms. Shuler will order them so we can use them after break.
Using the Scantron

Trick #2 Senteo SMART Response System

The SMART Response System is a tool that you can use along with your SMART Board. This tool allows for use of a class set of tests or quizzes. Sometimes I don't even use a class set. I will post the test or quiz on the board. This system allows for the input of multiple choice questions, matching, numerical responses, and true/false questions. If you are interested in knowing how to set up your class, let me know. Where can you find them? You can check out a class set from Ms. Beale. If none are available, come borrow my set!
How To Use Senteos in the Classroom

Trick #3 Posting Assignments on the SMART Board

Its ok if students write out the information. I will post a test/quiz/Do Now assignment from a Word document on the board. You can click on the view tab then choose full screen view. In this screen you can view documents as one whole page or two pages. If it is too small, you can enlarge the screen or even the font.

Trick #4 Multiple Pages Per Sheet

Our printers and computers have the capabilities of printing more than one page on a sheet of paper. When printing from your computer, you can chose the number of pages on each page. On the copier, you will click the icon with the split page or the four page. Make sure you make one copy then send it back through the copier. The copier will count each page if you leave it on this setting.
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Trick #5 Evaluate what your printing(MOST IMPORTANT)

If you find yourself running out of copies each month, the truth maybe that your giving your students too many worksheets. If we want to move our students, authentic student assignments is the way to go. Several years ago, I received a copy of a book called Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia Tate. It is full of instructional strategies that you can use that promote authentic assessments. Authentic assessment places the responsibility of learning in the hand of the student. They promote higher order thinking which involves critical thinking, metacognition, and analysis. All of the things we want our students to do. If your interested in this book, you can stop by and borrow it at any time. If you would like your own, its available at all major book retail outlets for around $25.00.
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Hopefully, these tricks will help you out as the year progresses! Happy Copying!