what to expect: mom

month 1-3

not much changes for the mom`s appearance slight weight gain,sleepiness,cravings,frequent urination are some things that change for the mom.

month 4-7

the mother experiences fatigue, decreased urinary frequency, occasional headaches these are things that change from the first trimester to the second trimester.

month 7-9

stronger and more frequent fetal activity lower abdominal aches constipation strong regular fetal activity, difficulty sleeping more squirming and less kicking as the fetus has progressively less room to move around.

what to expect: baby

month 1-3

the baby`s heart beats fast, intestines eyelids earlobes mouth and nose start forming.

month 4-6

3.5 inches long, weights about 1.5 ounces, skeleton starts to harden and develops the ability to hear.

month 7-9

2 1/4 pounds, blinks eyes, grows eye lashes, toenails, fingernails, some peach fuzz, full term baby is 19 inches long and weights nearly 7 pounds.

advice for the father

be supportive and understanding, because you will have to deal with the mood swings, cravings, and any other problems she experiences. Also never yell or get frustrated with her because she can`t control what she is going through and never walk out on her because she will need your support. although she will never admit it you are her rock and most of the support she will have.