OVS High School Newsletter

We are so glad you are here!

Important Dates


Wednesday, January 26th: On-Site Cell Phone/Tablet Drive fund raiser

  • High School students can give to Ms. Taylor
  • Drop off your used/cracked cell phones or tablets.
  • Further directions forthcoming on how to wipe your device prior to drop-off.
  • This fundraiser is to support our Senior's graduation experience.

Friday, February 4th: No School for students-teacher training day

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Before you turn them in...

Having your personal data, accounts, or passcode locks removed from your device will maximize the value it yields for your chosen nonprofit.

If your phone is not reset to factory settings Mobilize for Good will only be able to salvage your phone for parts and the donation amount will be significantly lower.

Follow the instructions below to factory reset your device:

iPhone reset: Click HERE for directions

Droid Reset: Click HERE for directions

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Learning Coach Training

The video covers important updated procedures for 2nd semester. Please reach out to Sarah at sarah.nommensen@ops.org with any questions!
Semester 2 Updates recording

Plans for 2022-23 School Year: Parent response needed

To help us (and you) plan for the fall, please share your current plans for the fall for ALL of your CURRENT OVS learners by clicking the link below.


Please note:
  • This does not guarantee your learner a spot in the fall as that is contingent upon learner engagement and success.
  • We understand that plans may change. Please keep us updated if this occurs.

Speaking of plans for next school year...

OVS 10th-12th grade learners can participate in the Career Center course offerings. They have 11 pathways that learners can choose from.

Things to know about the Career Center courses:

-Learners are on-site at the Career Center every day, for one block (1.5 hours).

-Their electives count as two credits per semester.

-They are awesome opportunities for your learner to explore careers!!!

-These courses supplement our curriculum and program nicely. OVS will work with your learner's schedule so it works for them.

-Learners can take the school bus from their neighborhood high school TO the Career Center, daily for their courses.

Consider attending the open house on Saturday.

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Be a Summer School Intern!! Applications now open!

If you are 16+ and are looking for a great summer job, consider applying by clicking HERE.

Posting is currently live on the OPS.ORG website.

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Mrs. Cyr

E-mail Address: kathryn.cyr@ops.org

Phone Number: 531.299.8117

As the winter keeps rolling along, so do we here at OVS. If you can believe it, progress report grades will be due in another week. Hopefully you are able to keep up with your learner and know whether they are making the grade or not. Please reach out to myself or any of the other teachers if you need help finding assignments or due dates-we are here to help!

Office Hours:

Online Support Tuesday 8:30-9:18 (on New Row)

Please contact me via email and we can set up a time that works for both of us.

Geography 10: This week we will be looking at the relationship between humans and nature. How we interact with one another can wonderful and/or horrible if you think about it.

World History 11: This week students will be taking the Unit 2 Final, Revolution and Empire. We will move on then to Unit 3: Changing Expectations.

Dr. Francis-Thomas


Teacher: Kyle Francis-Thomas (AKA: FT)
E-mail Address: kyle.francisthomas@ops.org
Phone Number: 531-299-3789 (voicemail available)

Monday Office Hours:

  • 9-10 Grade - 9:20 - 10:08 (ONLINE - ALG 1/2 ONLINE SUPPORT - Semester 2)
  • 9-10 Grade - 10:10 - 10:58 (ONLINE - GEO ONLINE SUPPORT - Semester 2)

Thursday Office Hours:

  • 11-12 Grade - 9:20 - 10:08 (ONLINE - ALG 3/4 ONLINE SUPPORT - Semester 2)
  • 11-12 Grade - 10:10 - 10:58 (ONLINE - PRECAL/TRIG ONLINE SUPPORT- Semester 2)

MTH128B- Algebra 2

Objectives: Students will be able to determine whether an expression is a polynomial and classify polynomials.

Support Links: Overview of Polynomials

MTH208B- Geometry

Objectives: Students will be able to determine the volume of a right prism, determine the volume of a cylinder, and solve real-world problems involving the volume of a cylinder.

Support Links: Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

MTH308B- Algebra 4

Objectives: No school

Support Links:

MTH403B- PreCal/Trig

Objectives: No school

OTH021-PE Lifetime Wellness

Objectives: Students will learn how to make healthy food choices

Mr. Brannan

Web Design: I have added zeroes in IC to lessons that should have been completed during first semester.

Personal Finance: Make sure to complete your study questions.

US History: Students should have completed a political cartoon analysis focusing on the Red Scare.


9th Grade History: Tuesday 2:20-3:05

11/12th Programming: Thursday 8:30-9:18

Web Design: Thursday 9:20-10:08

12th Grade Finance: Thursday 1:30--2:18

Optional Online Support (in K-12)

Wednesday 11:50-12:38

Friday 11:50-12:38

Join me if you have questions, concerns, or need help!

Ms. Taylor


9th Grade ELA: Tuesdays 1:30-2:15

10th Grade ELA: Tuesday 2:15-3:00

AP ELA: Thursday 11:45-12:30

11th Grade ELA: Thursday 1:30--2:15

12th Grade ELA: Thursday 2:15-3:00

Optional Online Support (in K-12)

Mondays 1:30-3:00

Thursdays 11:00-11:45

9th Grade ELA: We explored poems by DH Lawrence and Countee Cullen

10th Grade ELA: We explored the Harlem Renaissance and analyzed a poem by Lnagston Hughes.

11th Grade ELA: We tried a little "Reader's Theatre" - students volunteered to read various roles.

AP: This week we looked at the essay writing technique of definition by creating etymological analysis of various terms.

12th Grade ELA: We are continuing to read "Siddhartha" and analyze the plot, characters and theme.

Speech: This week we learned about the importance of listening by experienceing a Space Walk.

We are organizing our pages and content areas.

Ms. vonRentzell

Jessica vonRentzell


Welcome back to OVS for a great second semester! This is going to be a great couple of quarters full of learning, inquiry, and growth. I am looking forward to all the fun activities/labs we are doing as we finish up this year!


  • Chemistry: Mondays 10:10-10:58
  • AP Bio: Tuesdays 9:18-10:08
  • Biology: Tuesdays 10:10-10:58
  • Physical Science: Tuesdays 11:00-12:38
  • Earth Science: Tuesdays 11:50-12:38

Optional Online Support

  • Wednesdays 9:20-10:58
  • Fridays 10:10-11:40

Grades Reminder

Grades: Reminder: K-12 is a portfolio of student work. Actual grades are posted in Infinite Campus using this link.

From our art teacher