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We are so glad you are here!

Congratulations to the class of 2022!

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Important Dates


Week of May 23rd - Intersession

  • NO CARL - this week!

  • May 23rd – Bowling 10-12 (more details in this newsletter)

  • May 24-26 – High school REQUIRED and OPTIONAL intersession – check K-12 for all your classes to see if your teachers have put you in REQUIRED sessions. On Monday, Students and Learning Coaches will also be emailed if they are required to attend these sessions.

  • May 26 – Movie Day 10-12 in the CARL room. Join us for a screening of “Spiderman: Homecoming” in the CARL room. No sign up required – just show up!


· MAY 27TH: Device check-in. In front of the TAC building 1-3 pm. Bring all devices and accessories. OVS staff will be outside to collect.

· MAY 31st: Device check-in. In front of the TAC building 9-11 am . Bring all devices and accessories. OVS staff will be outside to collect.

End-of- year device return

Tables will be set up in front of the TAC building in the main parking lot during these times:

Friday, May 27th @ 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Tuesday, May 31st @ 9:00 - 11:00 AM

  1. ALL 6-12th grade students need to return their Laptop (Surface Go) devices, chargers, and Surface Go pens (Digital Design students).
  2. Students returning to the district in the fall will keep their iPads.
  3. Students NOT returning to Omaha Public Schools need to return ALL technology.


Email Mr. Brannan with questions: derrick.brannan@ops.org

End-of-Year K12 Materials Return

Each family should have received an email with a specific list of the materials they are expected to return to K12 with instructions on how to return materials, a list of what to return, and a separate email from UPS with labels for you to print. Families should also receive information in your MAILBOX with the same information.

Please do NOT return K12 materials to OVS.

Fall 22-23 School Year Information

Further details will be provided in the coming weeks!
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Curriculum Field test community input meeting invite

Dr. Loewenstein is offering a field test data share and discussion based on the field test feedback provided from learning coaches, students, and teachers. This will be a chance to reflect on experiences and gather further information before a recommendation will be shared with the board of education.

When: Friday, May 27th @ 3:30

WHERE: Online- on teams, link below

Link to join: CLICK HERE


The Yearbook staff is pleased to announce that it is time to order your yearbook!

Go to: https://tr5.treering.com/validate

Paste in this code: 1015671788712892

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Mrs. Cyr

E-mail Address: kathryn.cyr@ops.org

Phone Number: 531.299.8117

This year has gone by so quickly! I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you all and I am excited to hear about all the things you do over the summer. If you are moving on from OVS I wish you the very best in your endeavors.

Next week is intersession for Freshman-Juniors. You should be receiving an invitation shortly if you need to attend. Feel free to reach out at anytime if you need anything. The best way to reach me is through email kathryn.cyr@ops.org .

*Don't forget to sign up for Bowling! Monday May 23rd Be there or be square! (sign up is earlier in the newsletter).

*High School MTSS-B celebration Thursday May 26th from 10-12 rm. 474. We will watch Spiderman: Homecoming and have snacks. This is optional-meaning you can come if you want, but you are not required to come.

  • Optional open office hours 8:00am-8:30am. Starting Tuesday

Dr. Francis-Thomas

An End-of-Year Message to My Students

Dear Ocelots,

We have made it to the end of an academic year more challenging than any of us could have ever foreseen when the pandemic began. I commend each of you for the perseverance you have shown. You truly embody our core values of being authentic, inclusive, responsible, engaged, and—above all—resilient.

From your contributions in the classroom, you have used the attainment of knowledge to grow academically, socially, and as a human being. You have already proven that there is nothing you cannot accomplish. In the future, when life inevitably confronts you with challenges, I hope you will draw confidence from this very truth.

To those who are graduating, please know that you will always be a part of our OVS family. This year of remote connection has reminded us that our bonds transcend the boundaries of the classroom. As an OVS HS graduate, you will be joining a small but growing body of Ocelot alumni, a network that will always ground you and connect you with our beloved community.

To those returning to OVS HS next year, I cannot express how eagerly our faculty and staff look forward to sharing the buzz of intellectual, cultural, and social exchange that emerges when our students are physically on campus.

We are working hard to prepare a Fall semester that will ensure a rich and vibrant student experience, while protecting your health and safety. That palpable energy will also spread out to invigorate those whose circumstances may require them to continue their OVS education remotely.

Whether you are graduating, continuing, or just beginning your college experience, I wish you a joyful and safe summer, and great success in all your future endeavors. Attending and graduating from the OVS HS program is a life-changing experience that will set you on the path of achieving your goals. As your Math Teacher, it is my great privilege to share that journey with you.


Kyle Francis-Thomas, Ed.D.
Math Teacher, OVS HS

Bowling next Monday May 23rd. Please see Flyer above for more details.

Intercession next week also from May 24-26. Please check emails to see if your child is required to attend. See schedule below

Monday May 23rd

  • 2-3p -ALL grades (Office hours)

Tuesday May 24th

  • 1-2p- 9th grade
  • 215-315p - 10th grade

Wednesday May 25th

  • 1-2p- ALL grades (Office hours)
  • 215-315p- 11th grade

Thursday May 26th

  • 8-830a- ALL grades (Office hours)
  • 1-2p- 9th-10th grade
  • 215-315p 11th

Teacher: Kyle Francis-Thomas (AKA: FT)

E-mail Address: kyle.francisthomas@ops.org
Phone Number: 531-299-3789 (voicemail available)

Mr. Brannan


Web Design: In the Pacing Guide we are building our own webpage with a personal domain name.

Personal Finance: CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! You did a great job, I hope you learned some valuable things.

US History: Students are learning about modern America and the Unit 6 test is due.

Computer Lit: Do not forget Unit 7! One week left to complete work


9th Grade History: Tuesday 2:20-3:05

11/12th Programming: Thursday 8:30-9:18

Web Design: Thursday 9:20-10:08

12th Grade Finance: Thursday 1:30--2:18

Optional Online Support (in K-12)

Wednesday 11:50-12:38

Friday 11:50-12:38

Join me if you have questions, concerns, or need help!

Ms. Taylor

Enail: jodi.taylor@ops.org



Check K-12 to see if you are REQUIRED to come to a session this week.

*****Check Infinite Campus for missing assignments.

9th Grade ELA: What a year! We spent our last in-person day writing letters to the incoming Freshmen and working collaboratively to escape from a digital breakout room. Make sure you have completed your semester final! Have a great summer, everyone!

10th Grade ELA: What a year! We spent our last in-person day writing letters to the incoming Sophomores and working collaboratively to escape from a digital breakout room. Make sure you have completed your semester final! Have a great summer, everyone!

11th Grade ELA: What a year! We spent our last in-person day writing letters to the incoming Juniors and working collaboratively to escape from a digital breakout room. Make sure you have completed the Your Voice Project and your unit final! Have a great summer, everyone!

AP: What a year! We spent our last in-person day writing letters to the incoming Juniors and working collaboratively to escape from a digital breakout room. Make sure you have completed your semester final! Have a great summer, everyone!

Speech: Narrative speeches were due last week. Make sure yours is uploaded on Flipgrid by May 26th. This week we continued to explore persuasive speaking.

Yearbook: ORDER YOUR YEARBOOK (see the Yearbook announcement post in this newsletter). Our yearbook provider (Treering) plants a tree for every yearbook sold!

Ms. vonRentzell

Jessica vonRentzell


Hello Learners,

I just wanted to wish you all an amazing summer! I know I will see some of you next year, I know some I will not, and some of you may still be in the air. Whichever path you take going forward I want you ALL to know I am so proud of you. You stuck with science even though you had a curveball thrown in your way. You all embraced me not only as a 1st-year teacher but as the teacher many of you weren't even expecting and were just handed. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to teach you all and hope you all left feeling like you were worthy and could conquer whatever is thrown your way.

So again thank you and please have a safe and happy summer!

Ms. vR

**Summer well wishes image brought to you by Eva and Defonzio (11th grade)**

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Mrs. Kuhn

School Counselor

Email: megan.kuhn@ops.org

phone: 531-299-6188

Summer 2022 CollegeNow! - No Tuition for NE Resident High School Students

MCC is offering Summer 2022 courses at no tuition cost* to NE Resident High School students graduating between 2022-2025. Full details and instructions can be found by visiting mccneb.edu/collegenow. Registration opens April 1 and classes begin June 6.

This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and obtain a few college credit hours at minimal cost. *Students are financially responsible for textbooks, tools, and other associated course fees.

Staff in the MCC Contact Center are ready to answer student questions and can be reached at 531-MCC-2400. Concurrent Enrollment Navigators who are embedded at various High Schools during the week are also available to assist students.


Mrs. Kuhn will be meeting with students this week to enroll in courses for the 2022-2023 school year. Please visit with your student about their class registration. Parents can login to Infinite Campus with their learner, select Academic Planner, and review courses selected for next school year. Mrs. Kuhn will reach out to parents and students to schedule check ins regarding course selection before the end of the school year.

Grades Reminder

Grades: Reminder: K-12 is a portfolio of student work. Actual grades are posted in Infinite Campus using this link.

From our art teacher