Pop Latino!

By: Riley Peters

What Type of Music is it?

It is called Pop Latino and is mostly played or listened to at big concerts or tours with a younger generation as the crowd.

History of the Music?

Pop Latino was affected by the techniques and sounds of other music genres and originated in America (Latin America). Like Tejano music which originated in Texas. It also came from countries such as Spain, Italy and France. It came from the upbeat American pop music genre.

Characteristics of the Genre


Pop Latino dance moves usually involve a lot of movement, especially in your hips and torso. Some dances include the Salsa, Cha-Cha and Bachata

The Music Today

People like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are the most known Pop Latino stars in the world. Now the genre has spread all over the nation and others too. The genre will always be around because of its popularity and upbeat nature.