Giovanni A. Brown


A Powerful King Was Born

On June 22, 2014, Demylan Brown and Christin Patrick was blessed with a prince, Giovanni Amir Brown. Prince Giovanni was 6 lbs. and 19 inches.

Excitement & Fears

I'm so excited to be a mother but there are many fears that come with this excitement. I am afraid of leaving my child with other people because I have trust issues. It will take time but I will allow my child to be with others. Another fear is Giovanni getting sick. It is a lot of things going around and I am scared. The excitements that I have are that I know he will be successful in whatever he does.

What is best for my child ?

  • Breast Milk or Formula: I would chose to feed my baby formula and breast milk. I will ease from breast milk to formula because we are going to be apart as the get older.
  • Pacifier or NO Pacifier: I will give my baby a pacifier because it will help the baby self soothe. It will help me when my baby is crying and it will reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Co-sleeping or Crib: At first I believed that co-sleeping would bring me closer emotionally but then I started thinking of the dangers of co-sleeping. There are many dangers of co-sleeping are rolling over on your baby or knocking your baby out the bed.

Giovanni has Oral Thrush !

Oral Thrush is an infection of the mouth caused by candida fungus, also known as yeast.It can also spread to lungs, skin and liver. Symptoms of oral thrush is pain or difficulty swallowing, fever, or a feeling of choking. The baby can have thrush for 7-10 days. You treat this by taking anti-fungal medications for 10-14 days, which can be giving in tablets or liquids.

My Experience

I'm having a very emotional time with baby for the past 7 days. At first I was having fun carrying the baby but once I had to remember to get Gio in the morning, it was terrible. Some days I carried him in a Moby or a chest carrier. Demylan also carried him for the last few days. The reactions to carrying my baby varied because some people thought it was cute and others thought it was stupid. My family thought it was weird but cute. It was a whole different thing when it came to my friends because they wanted to be uncles and aunts and take pictures with the baby. I really liked this project because it allowed me to see what it felt to be a mom while trying to live life. (It is extremely hard.) The thing that I liked about it least was that my baby was kind of weird looking. Lol. It just looked like a thumb or something. The hardest part of the project was that we had to "take care" of the baby while going to school and trying to do extracurricular activities and having a life. I really enjoyed the project.