The Rantings of a Wannabe Author

By: Aubrey Hampton

Aubrey Hampton

June 1st, 2016

Creative Writing

Mrs. Penley

Table Of Contents:

  • Journal Entries
  • Writers Observations
  • Story SLAM
  • Poems
  • Flash Fictions
  • Short Story
  • Screen Play
  • Extra Piece
  • Revision of a Piece
  • Course Reflection

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Journal Entries

  • Books:

Old and New

Covered in all colors

Awaiting the light of day

To coat the inner pages

Raven black ink covers

Each page smelling of age

  • Time: I run through the snow and turn around

Just to make sure Ive got a past

I look over the mountains in the distance

In search of my future

But here I am falling to the ground

Strugling to find the now

  • Eternal Dance: Each day the sun rises

Every creature bending at its will

Everlasting light to share with all

Eternal happiness and joy to fall

Each day the sun will set

Every night to be correct

Exusing the sun from all the work

Expecting the moon to come and lurk

Every creature fast asleep

Everything but the eyes that leap

  • New Books:I felt the smooth newly printed pages rustle beneath my fingers as I flipped through them. The sweet smell of freshly printed paper whispering through the air around me. I inhaled deeply, savoring the sweet sent. Undiscovered stories lay inside these pages waiting to be found, lonely words floating on a single page. Adventures and travels with one tun of a page, mystery, romances await. Trapped with in two hard covers, stories a truly amazing adventures wait.

  • Sorry!: I have dreamed of

Shawn Mendes

Of seeing him

In person


I really hope


Could sometime

Forgive me

I spent all

Your money

For my ticket

Writer's Observations

  • The sound of the clicking keys on my computer as I wrote- This was important because I really wanted to get the sentence just write to convey what I was trying to say.

  • The darkness that filled my bedroom as I got up to go to my early morning seminary- This was important because this is a daily thing that I go to and is an important part of my daily schedule

  • The sun peaking over the horizon over the distant farms- Because I pass it every morning but it is not always sunny then, it is usually dark and cloudy.

  • The clunking sound of pencils bouncing around in the interior of the piano- Because my brothers got them stuck inside on accident and I hadn't fished them out yet.

  • The rain drops silently collecting on my bags from the light drizzle at lunch- This was important because It usually is pretty nice at lunch outside, but this time it was kinda miserable.

Story SLAM!

Story SLAM:

Movies anyone?

Aubrey Hampton

Going to the movies has always been a family favorite. We have seen countless movies ranging everywhere from Action, Sci-Fi to cartoons that us older kids turn our noses up at but end up liking more than the younger ones. I love to watch the movies for the story line and the cool animation that we are able to create with the technology today and sometimes just for the action. My other family members on the other hand goes for other reasons.

The person that loves movies probably the most is my brother Spencer. He could watch movie after movie without stopping as long as you keep a steady flow of food and treats coming to him. It almost seems like he goes to the movies JUST for the popcorn and over priced treats. As soon as we walk into the theater the intoxicating smell of buttery popcorn is just too much, he can’t say no! He also has a very special way to entirely enjoy the experience of the bucket of buttered calories. The process is a very complicated one if you want to get the correct ratio of fake butter and artificial powdered cheese so it may take years to perfect it. First you drench the fresh popcorn in butter for a good 10 seconds till the top becomes a soft buttery mess, Then you put a straw it the center of the bag to insure that ALL of your popcorn has a sufficient amount of grease and butter. After all of this is completed you will carefully but liberally shake at least half of the container of each of the different types of cheese into the popcorn! Ta-Da now you officially have fit the weeks worth of calories into one night. Lets just say that this experience was so traumatizing that I don't have any popcorn at the movies when he is making the popcorn.

My mother is a different story altogether. She tries to avoid as much as possible buying the expensive food that is sold at the theaters. She uses the stashing-away-as-much-as-possible-in-our-purses-and-jackets method and has gone to great lengths to fit what she wants to eat during the movie onto her person. It sometimes even amazes me how much food she can sneak in when they aren't looking, they would never guess that SHE had Thanksgiving dinner and all the halloween candy stashed in the mega pockets of the winter jackets. She has also been know to supply us with candy, gum, soda, chocolate, cheesecake, celery, carrots, oranges, and even take out. This is one activity I am willing to take part in, as long as I get some of the snacks which is easy to insure considering that she falls asleep within the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Then there is my brother Luke. He just turned 7 and for the time being is shorter than me. Through the years of his life we have been trying to remind him to use his “Inside Voice” when we are in the house and other places, but at the movies he just feels the need to talk. I always make a beeline for the OPPOSITE end of the row where he is so I will actually be able to hear what is being said in the movie over the constant “Whispering” coming from him. He wants to know basically EVERYTHING about the movie, everywhere from the character's name to what color I think that the characters shirt is. To cope against the rush of questions and loud talking I usually pass down the candy which in turn gives me a few blissful moments of silence.

My dad is probably the one person that every movie-goer knows, and hates. He is the one that leaves to go to the bathroom every five minutes, making you sit up and move your feet as he shuffles by. At the beginning of each movie he insists on getting a HUGE soda that I wouldn't dream of being able to finish by myself. It is like he is on a schedule, Drink, Drink, Bathroom, Refill, Bathroom, Drink, Bathroom, refill and repeat per movie that we are watching. This might go without saying but I think that it is pretty obvious who is funding my brothers the popcorn killer and the sugar addict.

Though in my opinion I am the best person to sit next to in a movie, apparently I am quite irritating to sit next to. Every once and awhile when I do get a soda or candy, I am not going to waste it. I have been known to shake the candy box until the last piece of candy comes unstuck from the bottom of the container or get that last drop of soda out of my drink. I have a true appreciation for food so I hate to waste anything during the movie.

Although my family may be pesky and have their quirky habits, I really enjoy having them around.


The Labyrinth:

  • The Labyrinth inside

    A intricate creation

    Complicated life


  • Life doesn't frighten me

    I take it head on

    I just smile as they go wild

    The shadows that dance on the wall

    I don’t care about it

    When I am alone I know

A Place to Call Home:

  • Wide open spaces fill my mind

    land stretching in all directions around me

    Cute and comfy is the place I want to find

    Vintage and filled with memories and being free

    A place for family, a home kind

    Small and remote is the key


  • I wanted to live

I wanted to share

I wanted to laugh

I wanted to care

I was given a chance

To do it all

and when my life began to fall

then, I truly hated it all.


  • W-rite what you love


N-ot giving up
G-ratitude towards others that encourage you

Flash Fiction!

Waiting on Dreamers Lane:

Freezing winds filled with flurries rushed past Ava, buffeting her oversized parka. She pulled it closer around herself letting it engulf her in its soft, warm embrace. The bone chilling winds continued to whisk past her as if she wasn't there at all. Just an invisible girl, in a self centered world.

Her teal hair whipped in the frigid wind, her eyes watered, her whole body shivered as she buried her head in the cloth of the jacket. As she slowly inhaled the calming smell, she knew what it was.

It was the memory of someone that had become a dream of a desperate girl. The ghost of the past, who left her alone on the icy lane. She gazed down the street and could almost seeing him walking towards her. She quickly pulled herself back into the reality she knew. Her feelings tore and ripped through the fabric of her forlorn life, grasping for something to save her from being lost in the sea of threads that loomed below her.

A frosty tear streaked down her cheek, leaving a trail of longing and biting cold. She smeared it roughly away with the back of her hand, sniffling quietly under the hood.

To many years ago he was here with her, walking down the road, when he had given her the same parka she wore today. She couldn't count how long it had been since he had come and changed her life forever.

And now though her life was changed she was still waiting on Dreamer’s Lane.

Flash Fiction

“The City of Serenity”

Lights flashed and horns honked as I raced across the road. Signs flashed and taxi tires screeched as they raced through town racing for a larger tip. People on phones yelling over the boisterous noise of the crowds, trying in vain to wave down one of the runaway taxis.

I sprinted down one of the many dark alleys, that was filled with dirty rats and mice digging in the dumpsters behind the thriving businesses. I squeeze through the tight corner and climb up on top of the empty dumpster, grabbing onto the metal fire escape ladder above me to pull myself up . In the distance I could hear horns honking and people yelling the “world’s news”, pushing and shoving to get into the last seat in a restaurant.

I climb higher, onto the roof. I paused feeling the light breeze on my face but the air was tinted with the smell of gasoline and trash. I turn my head away from the overcoming smells and jump over the gap between the surrounding buildings.

I thought about my life down there way down below, that life that I wished I could leave behind. But this was my taste of freedom and danger. I landed with a thump on the other side, adrenaline racing through my veins.

A burst of energy raced through me as I jumped over a ventilation shafts that perforate the old building. I Lunged for the emergency ladder on the side of the adjacent building,

My hands slipping as I pulled my body over the railing. I looked down over my shoulder,seeing the 56 stories of the building in a new light. I realized that if I lose my grip i'll be flatter than the french crepes they serve in the French quarter of the city.

I climbed the rungs of the ladder grasping on to the wire that was hung between the two buildings. I swung along and pulled myself up on to the next building’s roof a bead of sweat trickling down my face. I took in the view around me, this was the tallest building in this part of the city.

I slowly caught my breath and sat down on the edge of the building, my legs dangling precariously over the edge. I took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet fresh air above the city. I looked down at the city, MY city. All I could see was a watercolor painting of lights and moving dots on the gray pavement but, its name still stayed true.. My life may have its problems I thought but at least I have this--my refuge.

Short Story

Above it All:

The vibrant balloon stood out in stark contrast to the pure white clouds that surrounded her, it's billowing tendrils creating the feathery scenery. The balloon sailed elegantly through the rolling slopes, as the girl with flaming hair reached out to touch the one nearest to them. Her pale fingers grazed the edge, the cloud which quickly whirled away with the coming winds.

She sighed dejectedly her hand still swaying with the movements of the wind.

“Annika, what are you doing?” A deep voice called from the opposite side of the ship.

She quickly hopped back a few paces and turned towards the person that had spoken, “Nothing, just enjoying the view,” she replied quickly.

The boy raised a dark brown eyebrow clearly not believing her claim, and walked over to stand near the edge of the woven wicker with her. He let out a long sigh, closing his cobalt eyes and rested his head in his hand. Being in a world of cloud and sky was like being in a dream, one that they had both shared for too many years.

The girl reached into the pocket of her blue worn jeans, and let her fingers trail across the smooth surface of the trinket. Her hair seemed to create a curtain of scarlet around her and the treasure, giving them their own world to be in. It fit perfectly in the palm of her hand, it’s tarnished surface a constant reminder to what she had once had.The soft sound of the mechanical ticking pulsed through the surface as she turned it over in her hand to brush her thumb over the message that was etched on the back, “ To my one and only Quinn- James” .The engraving had worn down over the many years and now only read “ To my on and o l Qu n - James“ like their lives could just be wiped away and forgotten as the message had. Clearly their lives must not have mattered that much if they could be swiped of the map forever, never to see above the clouds again.

Annika gripped it tighter and slid the watch back into her pocket her knuckles aching from the effort. She slowly stretched out her hand out as the muscles screamed in protest to the action. Gasping in surprise, the painful throbbing that plagued her hand increased. The boy raised his head, a worried crease prominent on his face. “You okay?” He asked his eyes searching for the source of the pain, “I’m fine James, just overworked my hand a little,” She replied rubbing the red scar tissue that covered the greater part of her hand and traveled up to her mid forearm. He nodded once, his face still etched with concern and turned back to the view ahead of them.

Annika stepped to the middle of the balloon aware of the sighing wood beneath her and the sudden drop as well. Intrigued by the machinery that was placed on the ship, she stepped closer reaching out a hand to stroke the metal. Then she felt James hand wrapped around her wrist. He pulled her back and placed his arms on her shoulders forcing her to look him in the eye.

“May I repeat myself?” He asked slightly irritated, “What.Are.You.Doing?”

He enunciated each word as if the words were to complicated for her. Annika sighed irritatedly and removed both of his hands from her shoulders. “I was just admiring the machinery,” she replied her thoughts racing to what would have happened if she had touched the scalding engine. First the sudden pain, then the throbbing that comes to stay, the second heartbeat that you can feel pounding with in you. Annika shuddered, throwing herself out of the unwanted thoughts.

She released a heavy breath and called out to James

“Could you show me how it works? I will even promise not to touch anything,” she added a smile creeping up my face.

He turned back to her grinning, she knew he couldn't say no to her suggestion he loves everything about the machinery too much. He sauntered over still smirking, and proceeded to give her detailed descriptions of each part. The engine, the envelope, the seams, the coating and many more that she promptly forgot.

As he listed out one of the last few things that he had not lectured about he stopped suddenly frowning up at the parts.

“That's not right…” he muttered under his breath, as he hoisted himself up on to get a better look at the thrumming machinery .

“James… what’s wrong?” her voice betraying the sudden sense of panic that filled her senses. She bit her lip as he ran his callused hands along the knobs and dials controlling the propane that kept them airborne, resting over the lever that released the continuously growing amounts of hot air around them.

James eyes widened, and jumped back as the control panel exploded in a burst of hungry flames. Annika screamed, the balloon sharply starting the decline down back to the hard ground over a thousand feet below.

She grasped desperately for a handhold to keep her body steady, the flames already licking the wicker near the propane tank. She called out for James as she scrambled away from the fire, her breaths becoming short and her head throbbing at the sight of the flames.

“James!” She yelled, slowly standing up, her legs almost buckling under her weight . She then quickly surveyed the ship scouring for any sign of him. She fought terror as she gripped the edge, her knuckles turning white as she looked over the edge. She gasped when she saw James dangling off the edge of the basket his face stark white, straining to hold on the the woven wicker.

The dark blue ocean raced towards them, the air screaming through the balloon and around them. Annika reached out her good hand tears streaming down her face, as she struggled to grasp his far away hand. Their fingertips brushed, before the balloon lurched to the side almost throwing her over the woven edge as well.

Somehow James managed to smile his face streaked with sweat and tears, his body straining to hold on for just a little longer.

His mouth formed words attempting to speak to his only sister, but the wind whisked them away before they could reach her. But the message was clear enough, Annika stifled a sob with the back of her hand, tears leaking over her burned skin. Looking her in the eye, he nodded his head to her, reaching an arm to his back, swinging off the backpack that he was wearing. He threw the bag through the air into her trembling arms,

then he let go.

Screen Play




Aubrey Hampton

May 17, 2016






Show the bright blue sky, big fluffy clouds surrounding them in a blanket, very scenic and peaceful. The balloon is a bright contrast to the soft looking clouds, a rainbow of colors on each piece of cleaned fabric of the machine.

ZO .

The balloon floating on the clouds, skimming the bottom of the clouds


Shows her restful state looking over the edge of the airship enjoying the peace and quiet of the escape. She has bright red hair, something that her and her brother do not share and aqua blue eyes. She is 15 a kind, thoughtful person, more of a quiet person


(Smiling faintly into the distance)

Sighs (Contentedly)


James is a 19 year old boy that has dark hair and light blue eyes. He is bold, and is the older brother of Annika. He cares for her and is very protective of her and the other things/people he cares about.



Hey, what are you doing?



(Surprised, jumps back a step for the edge to prevent further problems)

Oh, nothing just enjoying the view.


(Rolls eyes knowingly and moves over to stand next to her)



(Reaches into pocket, deep in thought, stroking the pocket watch that was her parents) (Gasps aloud from straining her hand)

Annika was in a house fire with her parents and her brother, the two kids were the only two to survive, her brother made it out without any major burns but Annika has a major scar on her forearm and hand.



Are you okay?


Yeah I’m fine, just overworked my hand

(Massages the overworked muscles in hand that hurt)

Bored and curious, she walks over to the complex main machinery in the balloon



(Reaches towards the steaming machinery, not thinking)


(Grabs her hand right before it touched the scalding metal)

May I ask again? What. Are. You. Doing.!


(Pulls her hand out of his grasp exasperated)

I was just admiring the machinery.


Her thoughts stray to the pain that is inflicted when you are burned, the sudden sharp pain and then the throbbing that occurs.


(Rolling her eyes)

Could you show me how it works?...I promise not to touch anything

James is an apprentice at a local mechanic store, and he loves to show off his expertise to his sister.



(Saunters over grinning)

Well…(Starts listing off all the different parts of the machine, Annika quickly forgetting them all)


(Suddenly stops)

Wait…. That’s not right..



(Worried, concerned)

James… What is wrong?


James jumps away from the control panel just as it bursts into large flames. They start to eat away at the woven basket, nearing the panicking Annika, who is both still petrified of fire and terrified that she can’t find her brother.






(Looks over the edge of the basket tears running down her face)


James is hanging off the edge of the basket, his whole weight holding on with his hands. He is straining to hold on, his arms struggling to hold on. The ocean is rushing towards them at blinding speeds.


(Tears streaming down cheeks offers one final reassuring smile)

*Mouth moving saying words,but the wind whistling over the sound*


James smiles once more, throughs the backpack he was wearing to his only sister who catches it with shaking hands, then he lets go.








Aubrey Hampton

May 20, 2016



An eeie silence settles over the old house, nothing makes a sound. Then there is a faint sound of crackling, nothing is seen yet but the crackling continues to grow louder.



Two beds are set against the small wall, thick quilted blankets cover two large figures one small, one corner of the bedding clearly folded up, someone is out of bed.



The little girls curly red hair cascades down her shoulders over her nightgown, creeping down the hallway to the main room.


A large Christmas tree takes up the majority of one corner of the room, decorated by lights and small hand made decorations (Kids hand prints ETC along with a few modest presents under the tree)



Gasps (with excitement)


There is an audible snap of the wood in the fireplace, wood topples on to the nearby carpet.



(Jumps Surprised but continues inspecting the presents under the tree)


The popping and crackling wood increases, growing louder with every second, but the girls eyes remain trained on the tree with glee.



(Shakes a few presents, smiling giddily)

BG.The Fire spreads to the curtains climbing to the dry wood of the house with increasing speed.


(Stands up from where she was inspecting the presents, hopping over to where the stockings were hung above the fireplace, she sees the wild fire, her eyes wide with shock)




(Rush down stairs to their screaming child)

Both of the Parents are younger, late twenties, the mother having Dark brown hair, and brown eyes, her husband having auburn hair and piercing blue eyes.


(Frightened for her kids safety)



(Stressed, worried, calling to their other child)


The fire had already Engulfed the room and was burning through the roof, the flames roared, the little girl frozen with fear near the fire.




One of the beams from the roof crashes in knocking the Little girl down, and trapping her arm under the beam


(Sobbing and screaming for help)



(Runs and quickly lifts beam a few inches for her mother to pull her out)


Little boy runs into the room,just to have his parents place his younger sister in his arms.



Bu- bu-but what about you guys?


We will be right behind you, quick go get some buckets of water from the spigot out back!

Little boy runs out of room with the little girl holding on to him for dear life.


The whole front of the house is in flames, beams crashing and burning with the large flames, the little girl is still sobbing, her arm covered with sever burns and the other hand clenched tightly around one of the presents. There is a large crash and the whole back of the house collapses





Tears runs down his soot covered face





Aubrey Hampton

May 26, 2016




You see the back of a red headed girl wearing a wide brimmed hat, standing alone at the edge of a long dock, it stretches far into the ocean and is made of fresh new wood. Sounds of seagulls cawing and crashing waves on the turf can be heard. The weather is nice, like the day in the first scene, bright fluffy clouds stretch across the sky, the sunlight streaming through.


She is looking of the dock, waiting for the respondent to her letter, she turns around occasionally to scan the dock for him but she sees no one.


(Disappointed, peaceful, tired)




(Calm, excited, nervous)

You waiting for someone?



(Whips around towards the voice surprised)

The man had dark hair and aqua blue eyes, chiseled features defined his face. He had a limp, and carried a dark brown wooden cane to support himself.


(Smiling, tears forming in his eyes)

Hey sis


With tears in her eyes she runs up to his and throws her arms around him in a big hug.



(Crying, smiling)

I-I though-t that you were- were- dead!



(With trademark smirK)

Well I had to keep you on the edge didn't I?


(Punches him in the arm still smiling)

You jerk!


(Leaning over the edge of boardwalk)

So… we in this together?


(Standing next to him with a faint smile)

You already know the answer to that.



Extra Piece

The Impala growled as they weaved through the tight turns of the road that lay before them.

Dean sighed.

They had not seen any sign of civilization for over two days and he was running low on sleep, that is the three hours that he got over three days ago.

Sam had passed out in the passenger side seat over an hour ago and was still leaning against the window his mouth slightly agape.

Dean’s mouth quirked to one side silently laughing, as he glanced over again at his dozing brother. His face was relaxed and looked… peaceful. He looked like he had when he still was at Stanford and was living with Jess, before Dean came back to drag him back into the family business and before he saw his girlfriend fastened the the ceiling, fire blistering and burning not only herself but searing the image of that moment in his mind.

Dean’s stomach dropped. HE took that life away from him. Sam could be married to Jess with kids racing through the house and have left the life, but he had to come back and screw things up.

“I’m so sorry Sammy.” Dean whispered horsely.

“I…..I have made a lot of mistakes in this life...and I know that... I have taken down so many people with me in this fight” His voice caught.

“I...I’m sorry that you were one of them.”

Dean wiped his face with his hand, one still gripping tightly to the wheel.

“What have we become Sammy?....We aren't people any more… we’re... Monsters.” He breathed quietly, as if he whispered it would stop ringing true to himself.

“Who are we? We stopped being Winchesters when we stopped watching each others backs. And we stopped being brothers when we stopped caring about what happens to each other.”

He looked over desperately at Sam’s face searching it for some sort of reaction.

Dean let out a shuttering breath and rested his hand over his mouth. I tear traced its way down his face but was quickly scrubbed away with the back of his hand.

He looked up from his dashboard and was surprised to see a small store on the side of the road. It looked like it was older than dirt, but seemed like it had been recently re-painted.

He swerved so suddenly that the tires screeched, his mind already thinking of all of the different types of pie that they could have. Apple, cherry, banana cream, key lime… Dean’s mouth watered as he jerked the keys out of the ignition. If pie couldn’t fix their problems, nothing could.

Sam was somehow still asleep his mouth even more agape than before. Dean grinned mischievously as he ran into the store, the bitter moments before fading.

The chimes of bells sounded as he entered the store looking around hungrily. He searched the store grabbing something from almost every aisle, it was about time they started keeping a food storage in the trunk.

He walzed over to the counter almost giddy, his arms full. He glanced at the local newspaper, skimming the headlines. One caught his eye, 3 people go missing and turn up dead a few weeks later police called it a wild animal attack. He gathered his stash on one arm snagging the paper in the other. They could use a nice old fashion case now and again.

He turned back to the counter and set down all of his loot looking for the cashier.


No response. Dean quietly slipped his hand into his worn pocket drawing out his silver gun. He held it at the ready scanning the aisles one by one until he came to the bathrooms. He took a deep breath kicked open the door with one foot and rushed into the room.

“What the Heck?!” a voice yelled.

Dean heard a gun being cocked and swiveled around towards the noise. A dark haired girl in a plaid flannel and jeans, stared at him glaring. She couldn't have been more than 5’0 and looked like she was maybe 16 at the latest. She had a slight southern accent that gave her away as a local, and looked like she wasn't to scared to use the gun that she had pointed at Dean’s chest.

“You bring your gun to the bathroom?” Dean asked incredulously.

“You never know when you might need to use it.” she said evenly, her arms not moving from their spot.

“Hey I’m not going to hurt you… so please don’t hurt me, that would really put a damper on my day.” He said raising his arms in a sign of peace. He placed his gun back in the pocket of his jacket while the girl eyed him warily.

She slowly lowered the gun to wear it rested at her side.

“Who are you?” the girl asked glancing outside towards the Impala, searching for others.

“I’m Dean Winchester and you are?...”

“Bailey Wilcox, my family owns the store here” she paused. “It’s been a’while since i've seen new people come on through these parts.”

“Why would you say that? I would think that everybody would be dying to come here.” Dean deadpanned.

Bailey gave him a look “People ‘round here have lived here their entire lives, and people hardly ever move in or come to visit.” She looked up at Dean

“The last people to come through was that sweet looking couple that went missing and turned up dead a week ago.”

“Wait, the dead couple came here before going into town?”

“Sure did. But my daddy was the one that was helpin’ them.” She clenched her jaw and blinked away tears that were forming.

“He was giving them ‘The Grand Tour’ of the town and what we got ‘round here when they were attacked.”

Dean looked at the girl, and bit his lip in thought.

“Do you live with anyone else?” Dean asked already full knowing what the response would be, It took one to know one.

She looked down quickly and started fiddling with her necklace around her neck. It had two rings on a simple silver chain, but Dean could tell it meant the world to her.

“Do you have any family you could go to?” He asked gently

She slowly shook her head still looking at the dirty bathroom floor.

Dean sighed as he reached into his pocket to grab his phone. He sent a quick text and went to go grab his bag.

He returned a few minutes later with a bag of silver bullets and a knife.

Bailey was laying in the chair behind the desk silently humming a tune that seemed familiar. He dropped the weapons onto the table with a clatter so loud that she fell out of her chair. She picked herself up and brushed off her jeans with her hands. She surveyed the table with one look and looked up at Dean, her eyes wide as quarters.

“Your a Hunter aren't you!” She said excitedly.

Her mood had changed so fast it took Dean a minute to understand what she had just said.

“Wait… so you know what all this is for?” he said gesturing to the items strewn on the table.

She snorted and pulled out yet another gun from under the counter. Dean took back a step and almost crashed into one of the already unstable isles. Bailey didn't seem to notice and proceeded to unload one of the bullets from the gun. She tossed it at Dean and he caught it easily as it sailed through the air. He glanced at the bullet and looked at her quizzically.

“Look closer dummy.” She said without even looking up from her nails.

He did as he was told and was surprised to find a devil's trap carefully engraved on the bullets side.

“Well then.” he said impressed. “Who is the hunter in the family?”

“It goes back to many years to count, both sides of my family were raised in the life.” She replied, stilled inspecting her chipped nails.

“My dad was still teaching me when he died, but I know enough to stay alive” she said. Dean sighed and looked at her, he did not want to leave her here alone but to do any investigating he would have to leave at some point.

“So you know your way around?” he said gesturing to the supplies strewn out on the store counter. The corners on her mouth turned upward, smirking at the question.

“Yeah, you won’t have to worry about that” she replied confidently. With that Dean started out the door, but at the last second turn and grabbed the stack of food he had earlier grabbed. When he saw the girl give him a pointed look, he winked,

“Think of this as my charge for my efforts,” he said continuing toward the Impala.

He returned from his mission a boxed pie in one hand and an assortment of utensils in the other, the other snacks stacked with the guns and salt.

He plopped down into his seat and opened the box eagerly. A perfect apple pie stared back at him the layer of sugar crystals on the crust shimmering in the sunlight. He glanced over at Sam and grinned, reaching over he carefully placed a spoon in his hanging open mouth. Content with his success he started the car and roared out of the drive, on their way to find themselves a monster.

Revision of a Piece

If I had to chose one piece to go back and fix it would be my ‘Short Story’. I feel like it had a lot of holes in the plot and other aspects of the story that needed to be fixed such as different places in dialogue that I need to change, in order for it to sound natural. It also contained a very bad attempt at foreshadowing, I would go back and change it so that it was less of a flashback to the experience, and leaning more towards the hints and nudges for the reader to pick up. Another thing that I felt like my piece was missing was drive. I stalled a little bit, trying to let the reader get to know the character, how she thinks and how she acts, while I probably should have added more action to make the reader want to continue to read. All and all I enjoyed writing this piece and I was okay with the turnout, but there are some small things that I would like to fix if I had time in the future.

Course Reflection

I found that the course gave me the time and opportunity to write, when I usually am to busy to write much in my free time. I really enjoy writing, and having a class that was centered around something I enjoy I was able to pay attention better and it was a class that I always looked forward to. If I would add one thing to the course it would be a period of time when we talk about successful writers and what things they did that contributed to their success. During this semester I learned that I have a lot of work to do on my writing, and that if I continue pursuing it I will improve. Also as I participated in this course I had the opportunity to read different passages, my personal favorite being “Hygiene”. I loved how different it was compared to the rest of the readings and how it had you see truly what could happen if something of that magnitude were to occur. In the future I would like to continue writing, and hopefully maybe one day be good enough to get an agent, editor and publish one of my ideas. I find inspiration all around me in my life, the trees as I drive by or the worn down buildings that I walk by. Everywhere from rooms to moments and even phrases that strike me I like to write down to add to a story, or write a story from that. I really like to practice my writing on a daily basis and one way I do that is having daily prompts, one that I did not have the opportunity to do in class but I would like to do is : Take a scene and write it from the perspective that is in love, then write the same scene again but from the perspective of someone who hates the same thing.