13 Colonies

Samantha Matsch

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Why to come to Plymouth!

· Self Governing with the Mayflower Compact

· Live in peace with the Native Americans

· With the help of Squanto, we grow crops

· Great feasts and celebrations

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Come to Jamestown!

· John Smith has great plans to strengthen the economy!

· We have the help and company of Pocahontas

· Our population is growing rapidly!

· Perfect soil for tobacco farms

Chesapeake Bay Virtual Tour

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Lake Champlain Virtual Tour

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Britain's Purpose for Georgia and Pennsylvania Colonies

Georgia was the only one of the 13 colonies to receive financial aid, because of a vote from parliament. A large reason that the Pennsylvania colonies were established was so Quakers had a place of refuge.

Thriving Port in Charles Town!

William Penn's Vision for Pennsylvania

William Penn was a Quaker in England, and saw that most Quakers there were lower class. He wanted to provide these people with a safe refuge in the New World. He thought of his new colony of a Holy Experiment and welcomed all faiths to settle there.

FUN FACT: Before New York City was called New York City, it was called New Amsterdam!

Division of New York

The Duke of York split New York into two. Part of it he saved for himself, and called it New York. The other part was given to some people of his choosing, and they called it New Jersey.

North and South Carolina

Many people from Chesapeake came to North Carolina to farm. North and South Carolina attracted many different people, including European Jews, Germans, Scots, Scots-Irish, and West Indians. Protestants also came in hopes to flee from religious persecution. Their were many plantations there, so they had enslaved Africans cultivate the land.