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Welcome Back!

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A note from Dr. Kotlarz...

Welcome back, Montclair Families!

Each month we will be focusing on specific social/emotional skills and I will be sharing information with you.

According to the Center for Parenting Education, when asked what traits parents would like their children to have now and as adults, one of the most common responses is “to be responsible.” This is a broad term which means many different things, including: being dependable so people know they can count on you, keeping one’s word and agreements, meeting one’s commitments, doing something to the best of one’s ability, being accountable for one’s behavior, accepting credit when you do things right and acknowledging mistakes, being a contributing member of one’s family, community and society. Being responsible is a key to children’s success both in school and in the larger world when they grow up.

Most parents would love their children to do what the parent asks, to follow directions and to not question their authority – understandable and important goals when raising children. However, this is not responsibility!! These behaviors would be classified as obedience. Over time, most parents want children to accept ownership for a task or chore – the children do it because it needs to be done and accept that it is their obligation to do it. Over time, they may even initiate doing a task “because it needs to be done” – not because they are being told to do it. This attitude would be called responsibility.

Parents may have to give up having things done exactly as they would like them to be done and on their exact timetable in order for a child to move from obedience to responsibility. But allowing a child to “do it his way” will encourage a feeling of pride in accomplishment and foster a sense of responsibility. It has been shown that children with high self-esteem tend to be more responsible. They are better at:

  • waiting for what they want – they believe that with persistence and practice they can reach a goal.

  • acknowledging their mistakes and learning from them.

  • sticking to a task.

  • being willing to ask for help.

  • being clear about their strengths and weaknesses.

  • taking risks and trying new things.

  • believing that they can solve problems they encounter.

How can parents instill a high sense of self-esteem in their children? One way is by providing messages that build each of the two essential components of self-esteem, feeling lovable and feeling capable. To tell your children that you love them unconditionally, you can say things like “I will always love you” or “I am so glad you are my son/daughter.”

When children feel capable, they are more likely to meet their obligations, sign on for new tasks, try their hardest and feel good about what they do. All of these things will increase a child’s responsibility. You can increase your child’s sense of responsibility by helping them to feel that they are capable by sending “Doing” messages. These messages refer to all the things your children can do, their special areas of talent, and also to their potential and their growth. For example, you can tell your child “You were so thorough in doing your research paper – you did a great job of planning in advance how you were going to tackle the project” or “Thank you so much for setting the table – it helped me a lot, and I see you put everything exactly in the right spot.”

This month, we will be focusing on helping students understand what responsibility looks like at school. Students will know what is expected of them academically and behaviorally throughout Montclair. We will continue building self-esteem and recognizing capability in our students as they begin their new school year. Thank you for your partnership at home in building responsibility and here's to an AWESOME year!

Math Mentors

Calling all family members of Montclair Students! This year we are excited to add Montclair Math Mentors to our daily schedule in addition to Watch Dogs. Montclair Math Mentors ARE open to any adult family member of a Montclair student. Mentors would be assisting students across grade levels with Math based activities. Mentors would also be involved in helping in the library, workroom, and lunch room.

Ideally, we would like to have a math mentor at Montclair from 8:30-3:30 every day. However, please let us know if you would like to come for a 1/2 day too!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Please sign up at least ONE week in advance. Thank you!

Please use the following link to sign up for September Math Mentors. Click here .

We will be putting the link for Math Mentors in the newsletter every month.

Teach up and Read Up

Please read the attachment below regarding Teach up and Read up!

Counselor Corner..A note from Mrs. Dischler

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PTO Pointers

PTO Pointers:

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Board Officers:

President: Deana Hammond
Vice President: Catrina Alexander
Secretary: Jenny Miller
Treasurer: Lucas Shook

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 Want to send your child a shout-out on the lighted marquee? Celebration Marquee forms are in the office and on the PTO website.

2019-2020 meeting dates/times:

Mon., Aug. 19 @ 4 PM

Mon., Sep. 30 @ 7 PM

Mon., Oct. 28 @ 4 PM

Mon., Jan. 27 @ 7 PM

Mon., Feb. 24 @ 4 PM

Mon., Mar. 30 @ 7 PM

Mon., Apr. 27 @ 7 PM

A note about Orchestra from Mrs. Ferguson...

Just wanted to send you a couple tidbits of information about orchestra at your school! Please let me know if you have any questions!

-Classes start for 4th and 5th grade strings/band the week of August 26th.

-Prior to this, I'll be creating the schedule and class lists and sending them to you/teachers ASAP!

-Forward along any questions that you get about orchestra- you don't need to answer those!

-PRINCIPALS: Let me know if you'd like me to attend any meetings at your building this week.

-SECRETARIES: please send me class lists as soon as you're able, as that's how I sort students into orchestra classes.

-Feel free to include this info in newsletters regarding Display Nights for 4th and 5th graders interested in getting an instrument:

Upcoming Instrument Display Nights- 4th or 5th graders need to rent an instrument?

1. Rent an instrument from an area music store

2. Purchase instrument accessories

Tuesday, August 20, at Beadle Middle School

18201 Jefferson Street, Gymnasium 6 - 8 pm


Thursday, August 22, at North Middle School

2828 South 139th Plaza, Gymnasium 6 - 8 p

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