Highly Efective Students


my habits now

Right now my main habits would be track-this would be my favorite out of every thing because then when I run it clears my mind and lets me for get about every thing.

The next thing that is one of my habits would be work it is something that i just do every day and enjoy doing it because i love the people and the $

Top 5 Studdy

1)Catch Some Zzz’s because it puts my mind at ease then when I got to take the test I am ready and awake.

2)Ask Questions I feel like asking questions help so much with understanding what it is that you are trying to learn.

3)Organize! This is amazing if you have a lot of papers that you have to keep up with.

4)Attend Class when you don't go to the class that you are going to be having a test in it can really st you back fare in being ready to pass the test.

5)Make Study Groups when you have a study group it can really help you try and understand what it is with out the teacher.

top three study habits

My future

forensic pathologist

when I finish high school i wanna become a forensics pathologist, a forensics pathologist are the people who work for the cops and have to find out how some one is murders or has just died and they cant find out why, It takes up to 12 years of school to get your licence to practice it and you have to do up to 150 autopsies. They make up to 1/2 million to $1,000,000 a year.
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