Pearl Harbor Flashback

By: Tony Boyatt

The Sunday When It All Started

It was December 7th about 7:00 a.m. My wife and I were still laying in bed trying to decide weather or not to go to church in Honolulu. We heard a loud explosion that sounded very close, so we ran outside to see a plane laying in our neighbors yard. As I inspected it I found a Japanese sign, they were attacking us... They're first attack concluded of about 150 planes destroying all of our war ships. More and more planes, bombs, and machine guns were everywhere. The best Idea we had was to get to the hills, but first we had to go pick my friend up who had a 10 month old baby. As we were driving away the sight was horrifying. We saw burning buildings, ships, ports, houses, people, cars, everything you could think of. It was a very sad and mournful day that we will all remember.

Pearl Habror attack

Sunday, Dec. 7th 1941 at 9am

Pearl Harbor, HI, United States

Pearl Harbor, HI

How I Felt when it Happened

Dale and Johnie Gano were there the morning Pearl Harbor was bombed. We asked Dale a few question and here is a summary on how he felt about the whole attack. "As we were laying in bed I never expected it to be an attack. From the moment It started to the moment it ended effected my whole life and many others who were there with me. I couldn't really believe it at first but as I looked around me I saw things that should never have happened. I strongly believe that all this was caused by the president himself. He had sent a warning to Pearl Harbor that arrived to late and while he was in his cozy bed sleeping we were being bombed and killed. This event has deeply effected our country and will be remembered every year on December 7th."