AHS Falcons-What I need to Know

Let's prepare for the first day of school!

School Starts Next Week! Let's be sure you are ready!

There are many changes this year with Distance Learning Plus, that we didn't have last spring. We want to make sure you are ready to start the school year right!

How does the A/B day Schedule Work?

Block Schedule

This year we have gone to a Block schedule. This means that you will be in your class for 80 minutes. We also have an A/B day, so you will have classes that you meet with on A days and classes you meet with on B days. On five day weeks we will have our Falcon Focus day on Wednesday.

First Week of School A/B Day Rotation

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2nd Week of school, 5 day week Rotation

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Schedules look different-How to read my Schedule

When you log into your schedule in CAMPUS you will see days A and B. We are still using the same system, but with the block it looks like you are in the same class twice. Here is how it works. BLOCK 1 = 01& 02, BLOCK 2= 03 & 04, BLOCK 3= 05 & 06, BLOCK 4= 07 & 08, Remember Tuesday is an A day.
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Counselor Corner

Still having issues with your schedule or have other questions about classes? Email your counselor. Please note that if you requested additional courses, we are still working to make sure all of our students get the courses they needed originally. Students who are credit deficient get priority. We will let you know once sections are full.

When do I take my photo? How to I get my textbooks?

During your assigned grade date, this is the time for students to bring in their textbooks. For chromebook distribution this will only be for new students into the district. If your chromebook is broken/not working please contact: Kristin Stepan: kristin_stepan@rdale.org to coordinate next steps in this process. You will need to email Kristin Stepan before your scheduled grade date if you fall into this category.

Location: Armstrong High School (Main Entrance) 10635 36th Ave N, Plymouth

9th Grade: September 4th, 9:00 - 5:00 pm (Freshman will also pick up a packet they will need for their Geometry classes to start the school year. )

10th Grade: September 8th, 9:00 - 5:00 pm

11th Grade: September 9th, 9:00 - 5:00 pm

12th Grade: September 10th, 9:00 - 5:00 pm

  • Students will enter the main entrance of Armstrong High School wearing their own mask. Masks have to be on before entering the building.

  • Marking for social distancing will be on the floor and all students entering will need to be masked.

  • Students can only report on their scheduled date for their grade.

  • Parents will receive a password protected link to photos after picture day.

  • We understand that some of these times are scheduled during times you have class. If you need to leave class or you will be late to class due to getting your picture taken please communicate to your teacher.

  • For any questions about pictures please contact: info@k-photography.com

If you missed your assigned day, please come in on another scheduled photo day to get your picture taken!

Questions about Chromebook Insurance Payment

Lots of questions about how to pay for the Chromebook insurance. Make sure to click on School Store NOT Fees, like you did last year. Detailed instruction found here under Campus School Store Payment.
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Contact Us

Main Office: 763.504.8800

Attendance: 876.504.8810

Mr. Erick Norby, Head Principal: Erick_Norby@rdale.org , Twitter @Principal_Norby

Mr. Cameron Opel, Assistant Principal 9th Grade: Cameron_Opel@rdale.org , Twitter @Principal_Opel

Ms. Krista Range, Assistant Principal, 10th Grade: Krista_Range@rdale.org, Twitter @Principal_Range

Mr. Robert Ware, Assistant Principal, 11th and 12th Grade: Robert_Ware@rdale.org , Twitter @Principal_Ware