By Chloe, Lara, Stacey, Cal and Nathan

Introductory rite

The Introductory Rite is at the start of mass. These rites are before the Liturgy of the Word, it is split into 5 parts, the Entrance, the Greeting, the Act of Penitence, the Kyrie Eleison, the Gloria and the Collect. They have the character of the beginning, introduction and preparation.

The Entrance:

After the people are gathered, a song is played and the priest enters. The purpose of the song is to open the celebration and accompany the procession of the priest.

The Greeting:

When they reach the alter, the priest bows at the alter as a sign of respect as he is in the presence of a greater being. When the entrance song is finished the priest stands at the chair and together with all the people, makes the Sign of the Cross. He then signifies the presence of the Lord to the people and the people in the church respond.

The Act of Penitence:

This is when the priest blesses the people.

The Kyrie Eleison:

This is when the priest concludes with ‘Lord, Have Mercy’

The Gloria:

The Gloria is a hymn in which the church, glorifies God the Father and the Lamb.

The Collect:

The priest invites the people to pray.

Eucharist actions.

Some of the actions which would be involved in the Eucharist would be the offering procession, When someone brings forth the bread and wine.

The bread Symbolizes life, The physical body of christ. The wine which is presented is it symbolizes God’s covenant in blood.

They got the idea from tearing up the bread into tiny pieces from it representing the body which is torn and shredded for you. The symbolic actions for the eucharist is that Jesus was saying these elements represented his death on the cross for you and me.

During in the Mass. The gifts of bread and wine are placed at the back of the church before the service. When people are ready they bring the bread and wine forwards with the people’s offerings. The priest’s then receives a community name “ The rite of carrying up the gifts connects us with the traditions of the early church where people brought up bread and wine which they worked to make for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. In the Early church considered the Eucharist to be referred to as the “ Breaking of bread.”

When he receives the gifts the priest prepares them, Reciting prayers of the passover meal. The priest then add’s a drop of water to the wine, it’s a tradition form the 1st church who considered it symbolic of the union of christ’s humanity and divinity or of christ with his church.

Rituals of the church.

A ritual is something that you do the same way. Church is a ritual because you always do the same thing, But they will have different songs and readings each mass.

Eucharist symbols/ Signs

  • Laying on of hands:

From ancient times, the laying on of hands was sign of calling down the Holy Spirit.

  • Wine:

Wine is Joy. Grapes are grown and crushed, transformed by human hands to make wine.

  • Bread:

Bread is Life. Wheat is grown and ground, transformed by human work to make bread.

  • Oil:

For the jewish people, our ancestors in faith, anointing with oil meant setting the person a part for particular mission.

  • Water:

The early Christians were baptized in rivers or large fonts of water.

  • White Garment:

White is the colour of Christian baptism. It symbolizes the cleansing of the person from all sin.

  • Fire/Light:

In the Old Testament, fire is a symbol of God’s purifying presence.