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Sphynx – Bald Cat with Intelligence!

Sphynx is a relatively newer breed of cat which is bald and hairless. It is also known as Canadian Hairless as it first evolved out of a natural mutation in Canada in 1966. Thereafter breeders around the world bred this breed with meticulous care to develop a large gene pool for this first hairless breed of cat. Today Sphynx cat are one of the most sought after breed which is bought all over the world.

Character of the Cat

Sphynx are highly intelligent cats with a constant craving for attention. They would do all the mischiefs and land in all type of troubles to be the centre of attraction. Sphynx cats have lemon shaped eyes and bat shaped ears. Though they appear to be hairless, Sphynx cats do have a small coating of furs which is at first invisible.

Sphynx cats are highly energetic and sociable. They are always playful and perform a lot of aerial acts just to take everything to a new level. They are intelligent and like to play games that need scratching brains. Sphynx cats never like to be alone. If you are at home they would stalk you and follow you everywhere. Some of the Sphynx owners say that the cats have also learned to open doors. Sphynx are also known to converse with their owners. They are also not afraid of strangers. They get along with kids or other pets without any fuss.

No Hair. So What?

Since there are no hairs, there is no issue of shedding but don’t think that people with allergies wouldn’t have any problem with Sphynx cats because these cats do have small hairs which can cause the allergy, albeit less likely. And since they don’t have fur coats Sphynx can leave an oily residue on cloths and curtains. But this issue can be prevented by bathing them at least once a week. Also they cannot be exposed directly to heat or cold beyond an extent.

Why Buy a Sphynx?

Many people don’t like this breed and consider them some kind of alien. But, people who have petted a Sphynx cat will certainly disagree. They are definitely lovable little creatures. If you have a Sphynx at you would never be alone. Sphynx love to be loved and cuddles and purrs whenever it gets a chance. If you have other pets or children below six, Sphynx are one of the better choices. Due to their high metabolism they eat a lot but don’t we all love to see our loved ones eat?

Sphynx is essentially an indoor cat. Their lack of protection against outside dust and other things leaves them vulnerable as an outside cat. So it is a perfect cat for apartment dwellers.

Perhaps due to these qualities of a Sphynx and various meetings and events conducted by Sphynx enthusiasts, their popularity is increasing in UK. More and more people are buying this breed for their homes as pets. There are various certified Sphynx Cat Breeders who breed pure quality Sphynx kittens in UK who can present you the best feline partner. Both female and male Sphynx are available for breeding at various places. All you have to do is search on the internet and you could own this beautiful and intelligent companion.

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