A life of math...

Who was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was a very important man. He was born at around 569BC and died at around 475BC. He was a philosopher, mathematician, and teacher. Scientists do not know much about him because he made his students swear not to tell anybody any of his teachings. Scientists also do not know anyone who was around during his time. Based on what we know, he made many very important contributions to math including the Pythagorean Theory on triangles. He was inspired to become a mathematician because of a little boy named Philocrates, who was payed to learn. He was born in Samos and he traveled very often.

Days Before Math...

Pythagoras had a father, Mnesarchus, who was a merchant, and a mother, Pythais. Scientists believe that he had 2-3 brothers. He married a woman, and had a daughter named Damos and a son. Other historians believe that Pythagoras had no family at all. When Persia took over Egypt, Pythagoras was kidnapped and brought over to Babylon. After he was freed, he returned to Samos, his home town, and was inspired by a boy, Philocrates.

Pythagoras and Philocrates

After Pythagoras was freed from Babylon, he moved back to his home town, Damos. While living there he noticed a young boy who was very poor. His name was Philocrates. Pythagoras approached the boy and asked if he could teach the boy some math. Philocrates was forced to say no because he had to work to earn some money for his struggling family. Pythagoras told the boy that he would pay him to learn math. The plan was settled. Pythagoras paid Philocrates every day to learn math. Eventually Philocrates enjoyed learning math and he wanted to learn on his own. Later on, Pythagoras ran out of money to pay Philocrates and Philocrates still wanted to learn. In fact, he wanted to learn so bad, he started paying Pythagoras to teach. Sooner or later, Pythagoras became a real math teacher.

Pythagoras As A Teacher

After teaching the young boy Philocrates, he was inspired to become a math teacher for his profession. His school was called the Semicircle.Pythagoras became very well known for his teaching. He split his students into 2 groups. The first group had to prove themselves worthy enough to see him, which meant that Pythagoras had to teach his students from behind a curtain. After they became math experts, they became a part of the second group. When he taught them, they were considered "worthy enough" to see him. He educated his students very important mathematical concepts and was a very well known teacher.

Pythagoras, the Mathematician

Pythagoras developed a very large passion for math after being a teacher. He soon turned his entire career to math. He became a mathematician. During his job, he focused on even and odd numbers, perfect numbers, and triangular numbers. He also invented the Pythagorean Theory of triangles.

The Pythagorean Theory

The Pythagorean Theory is that the longest side of a triangle can easily be found out if you have the length of the other two sides. you do this by turning each side into squares and adding a and b (the long sides) and c (the long side) is the answer.

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Pythagoras made many contributions to the world in his theorem. It is very important in building, geometry, and it also is important in algebra. This allows us to accurately find the length of 1 side of a triangle when not all information is provided. We will not always receive the length of each side of a triangle and it is important that we know what to do if we don't.