The Last Safe Place on Earth

By Richard Peck

Book Review by Chase McCullough

It's sophomore year. You are not the youngest in high school but you are not the top dog. How would you live your life when everyone around you is believing in something else.

Todd, 15, moves into what he thinks is a perfect neighborhood called Walden Woods. The neighborhood and school are a higher class with gates and security around them. Crime never seems to happen around Walden Woods. While here everything starts off quite well when he meets his so called "dream girl." Laurel, his dream girl, was the babysitter for his little sister. Everyday he comes home to them but never can find the words to say to Laurel. Then one day everything seems to take a turn for the worse.

One day after school Todd and his parents are on the way home when they are stopped on the interstate from a bad accident. They asked who was in the accident but to their surprise the did not know who it was, or did they? If you love mysteries and suspense then once you start you will not be able to put this book down.

2013 National Book Festival- Richard Peck

Richard Peck: 2013 National Book Festival