Friendship and Family

Morgan Keen

Nothing is better than a friend.

This is my story...

My Plot...

Annie and I were born a couple hours apart. We have known each other since we were practically 5 months old, we were also born in the same hospital. Annie is the one of the friends I can tell absolutely anything. My favorite memories with her are doing crazy fun things together. I love snowboarding, boating, water skiing, and tubing with her. I can't imagine life without my best friend.
Kaitlyn is my sister and also my second best friend. Surprisingly we get along really well. I can't imagine being an only child because I would be bored out of my mind. Kaitlyn has helped me alot when I need advice. I love traveling with her, we have been a lot of places, and I am very thankful I get to spend those amazing memories with her. Kaitlyn and I may fight sometimes, but life without her just wouldn't be the same.
My parents are very supportive and I love traveling with them. My favorite place I ever went with them is either the Exuma Islands, Mexico, or Jamacia. I also love boating with my family almost every weekend in the summer. I can't imagine life without my parents because they care for me and buy me everything I need.

The Turning point in my life...

Being best friends with Annie is the turning point in my life because she is always there for everything. She's taught me that friendships are very valuable, and I can't imagine not being friends for along time ever again. I do pretty much everything with her and I can't imagine life without her. I love this song because I can count on Annie and she can always count on me!
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