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KYSTE Fall Event Resources

Didn't get a chance to attend the KYSTE Fall Event?

We are sharing information from KYSTE with you so you have the opportunity to learn and use some of the cool resources and ideas that were presented in Lexington, KY. If you would like further information or training, please contact your TRT: Elementary - Chris Walsh. Middle/High - Lisa Stamper
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Are you Considering buying Mobile Devices?

If you are considering purchasing mobile devices check out the link below to the Mobile Device Decision Maker spreadsheet created by Bryan Sweasy of Erlanger-Elsmer Schools. Mr. Sweasy does an excellent job of listing popular uses for the devices allowing you to rank the importance of the features that are necessary to complete each task. By ranking your uses it will quickly narrow down the devices. Be sure to check out the instruction tab to see how to use the device.

Click here for More information on the Mobile Device Decision Maker
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Heard of MakerSpaces yet?

Brooke Withlow, a Kentucky Teacer, presented the topic of MakerSpaces. If you haven't learned about them yet, you will like them. MakerSpaces remind you of project based learning. Check out Brooke's presentation at the link below. You can also follow Brooke on Twitter at @lincolnslady96.

Check out the MakerSpace video of a school in New Jersey that started one in their school library last year. I might just give you some ideas on what you can do in your classroom.

New Jersey High School Getting Creative With Makerspace
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Have you heard of Google Classroom yet?

Google was a hot topic at the KYSTE fall event. Google Classroom is FREE and is now open to all teachers. Google Classroom allows you to create a class and assign classwork and homework online. Teachers can truly go paperless in this online classroom. It's simple and easy to use, the only thing you need is a District Google Account. Check out the short video clip on Google Classroom below.
Classroom 101
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Google Maps in the Classroom

Donnie Piercey from Emminence Independent Schools had a terrific presentation on Google Maps and how they could be used in the classroom. Did you know that your students can create their own maps, collaborate with others and share them with the public? The possibilities in the classroom are endless. Do you want them to visit real life images of historical places? Do you want them to map out important events from any subject like math, science, social studies, language arts and more? Try creating your own map at the link below. If you would like to follow Donnie Piercey you can find him on Twitter @mrpiercEy

You can also check out Panoramio - a website where everyday people take pictures of famous or historical places. You can check out some really neat photos of places you may not be able to go visit in the classroom. So, take a virtual trip.

Panoramio - Discover the world through photos
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Are you already or planning on including multimedia in your instruction? Marty Park of KDE offers suggestions from research and best practices for how to get it right! Check out the link to his Prezi below. And, if you think you have "Got It Right" then upload a link to your own multimedia example.