"I already am, I always was, and still have time to be."

Who I AM.....

MY INTEREST:Volleyball, Bowling, Animals, Nature, & Arts and crafts

MY SKILLS: Science,health, Math, Working with kids, Bowling, Volleyball and Working with animals

My VALUES:Adventure, Having a family, Competition, Creativity,Phsyical Challange, Self-respect, Loyalty, Nature and Working with others

MY LEARNING STYLE: Usally a fast learner

Question- Why should all of these things be consider when deciding on a career?

Because you need to find out what you like so know what kind of job you want. Your skills so you know what you can do in the job. Your values because you may want to put other things first. You should also consider many other things too.

Where Am I Going?

MY CAREER AS A.....................Zoologist

JOB DESCRIPTION: Analyze/study characteristics of animals


MEDIAN SALARY: $62,500.00

OUTLOOK: 10 years

INTERESTING FACT: The word 'zoology' comes from greek words meaning 'animal' and 'knowledge'.

How Do I Get There?

College: The University of Oklahoma

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Why this college:It's close to home, high acceptance rate, and affordable.

What degree: Bachelor's degree

Cost per hour: $244.68

Some Scholarships: My bowling scholarship, and other merit scholarships.

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