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From Mrs. Wallerstedt

Starting the 2020-2021 School Year!

This week, every parent and student should have had a conference with their classroom teacher. If you did not have one scheduled, or you missed your conference time, please reach out to your classroom teacher to review the information you need to start the year. Teachers are meeting with each student and parent to help make the transition smooth. Fall remote learning is different than the spring as attendance and engagement in learning/assignments are required as grades will be given. We want to make sure we have answered every question and/or helped solve any device issues that have come up. A smooth start builds confidence and excitement for the year.

Coming Up . . . . .

Next week each student will begin their grade level schedule. Students and teachers will be engaged in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons and activities to help build the classroom culture and build those new connections; as well as, begin to get back into the core subjects of ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies. I will be communicating more information next week regarding the school kits we are planning on sending home. They will include curricular materials such as workbooks and classroom materials specific to your child's grade level that would not be found at home. Once we have the materials collected and packed, we will communicate to you a day and time(s) for pick-up in our south parking lot loop.

Mrs. Rymut - Park View's School Nurse

If you are new to Park View, your student's physicals, immunization records, vision and dental records are required. Please turn them into Mrs. Colleen Rymut. She can be reached at She can let you know what records are due and which ones you need to turn in. Please contact Mrs. Rymut with questions. She is happy to help!
Welcome Back PV 2020

Communicating With Our Families

Now more than ever it is critical that we establish strong and consistent communication channels with our families. Here is everything you need to know in terms of how we as a district will be communicating with you throughout this year. Our goal is to ensure our families understand what tools we are using and the exact purpose of those tools.

“Need To Know” Information

When communicating primary information with you, meaning it directly impacts the educational experience or growth of your child, we will do so using e-mail. We also will utilize e-mail when we need to engage in dialogue with our families. Examples include:

  • Addressing behavioral or academic performance issues

  • Sharing information about an incident that occurred

  • District-level decisions that will have an impact on our school environments

  • All emergency/crisis-related communications

“Good to Know” Information

When communicating with you about secondary information, meaning information that we know our families appreciate receiving but is not as much of a high priority, we will do using the following tools: Seesaw, Google Sites or Google Classroom. Your child’s teacher will communicate with you directly regarding which of these platforms they will be using. You can also find a “how to” guide and tutorials for all of these tools on our remote learning website. Examples of when we would use these tools include:

  • Providing snapshots into our classrooms

  • Reminders about upcoming events or assignments

  • Sharing a portfolio of your child’s work in class

Social Media

If you are interested in following or engaging with us on social media, every school in the district has a Facebook and Twitter page set-up. We also have a district Facebook and Twitter established. We encourage you to follow our school and district accounts, as none of our teachers/staff will be utilizing social media to share content. Instead, they will be leveraging the tools listed in the previous section. Parents should also be aware that this school year, we have opened up YouTube access so our teachers can share videos with our students related to their teaching and instruction. It is important that just with any other social media channel, you carefully monitor your child’s use of YouTube, as filtering restrictions will not be in place in order for our teachers to share videos that are educational in nature.

Needing Your Permission

We understand that families have different levels of comfort with the ways in which their child’s images are shared. If you would prefer that your child’s image NOT BE USED in any form, including in our school yearbook, on SeeSaw, Google Sites, etc.,please sign and return the first page of this form to your school secretary. If you would prefer images of your children NOT BE USED JUST ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), then sign and return the second page of this form to your school secretary. If you do not return the forms that indicates you are comfortable with your child's image in those places mentioned above.

Photographing Lessons/Sharing Information on Social Media

During this time of remote learning, we know some of you may be interested in taking photos of different activities your children are participating in and sharing on various social media platforms. Please be mindful that we do have students who cannot be photographed due to safety reasons.

When sharing photos of your child’s learning on social media, it is important that only your child is seen in the photograph. It is also very easy for a child’s name to be captured in the background of a photo or in other documents shared with you (i.e. class roster information). We ask that you please only share photographs and information that relate directly to your child. Thank you for working in partnership with us to ensure the safety of all our students.

Reminder: Appointments and Self Certification Required To Access Buildings

In an effort to keep our buildings as safe as possible, we do require that all visitors make an appointment prior to coming in. You may do so by contacting our building secretary via email ( Please let her know the nature of your visit and time/day you would like to come to the school. She will then respond with a confirmation, or alternative times and dates, and a self-certification request which you will be required to provide in advance of your visit to ensure you do not currently have COVID-19-like symptoms.

5th Grade Instrumental Music Remote Learning Schedule

Thank you for submitting your feedback on the proposed Instrumental Music Plan. We are pleased to present you with this Final Version of the Instrumental Music Remote Learning Structure and Schedule.

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