Hurricanes and Tsunami's

Adreian Savannah and Christy Blough

What is a tsunami and where do they normally occur

A tsunami is a harbor wave. It is made of multiple waves that rise when a lot of water is displaced. Displacement happens usually when there is an earthquake. Tsunamis normally occur along countries that border the pacific.

What atmospheric conditions favor the development of hurricanes

Low atmospheric pressure Hot and Cold air chasing eachother Moisture laiden air Coriolis Effect

What is the classification system used for hurricanes

The classification for hurricanes is Categories, here is a chart.

Where and When do Hurricanes occure

    Hurricanes occur in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans during the summer and early fall. In the Pacific Ocean hurricanes are called cyclones.

How do Hurricanes cause damage

     Hurricanes cause damage because of their extreme wind speeds of at least 73 mph and flooding. The winds frequently exceed 150 mph over a small area near the center of the storm.


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