Wanted: Troll Killers

Dwarves and a Burra-hobbit responsible!

The Hunt Has Begun!

Our fellow troll-friends were enjoying their night feast when a burrahobbit (small, pointed ears, about 40 or 50 years old) tried to pocket their purses. He was copped by William and was about to make a fine supper when he started babblin' and caused the trolls to bicker. Some dwarves also came along which started another fight, which lasted until dawn. The light hence turned them to stone, those poor troll-friends. Together we shall find these dangerous fools, even if we perish along the way!


Come to the troll cave next to the mountain, marked by the steps of troll-boots. We will then determine if you are fit enough to hunt with us. If yer come with us and succeed, you will receive the greatest honor in the name of the Stone-Trolls. If not, 'tis supper if we catch you!
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