Sugar Colonies

Come to the exotic islands of the Caribbean for Paradise.

Treatment of Workers and Natives.

We as "employers" have a very good track record of low "worker" deaths (only 5 to 10% per year!) and the tragic losses of our Native friends who were very sick for no apparent reason. As "employers" you will a large workforce of happy and grateful "workers".

Thriving Economy for you!

The sugar colonies is the best place to be in economic terms. Currently we are one of the largest sugar exporters to Europe. We are always waiting for new traders and businessmen to expand our monopoly of the sugary delight!
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Social Structure that fits your needs!

The social structure of the workers and traders are very diverse for your comfort. We have a population ethnicity of 18.2% Europeans, 28.3% Mixed races, 11.9 percent of Africans, and 41.7% Native Americans. This ethnicity will boost your comfort and enjoyment on your stay. We even have a special "workforce" named Mullatoes from Portuguese and African descent.
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Cultural Comfort

The festive colonies of the sugar realm still holds your country's culture even in this exotic land. If you come here, you will feel right at home with a few new and festive traditions to do! Also if you're a bit phobic from race inequality, We have almost little of that in order to meet your demands!


Fun Facts about Sugar colonies!

- The countries that participated in the sugar colonies were Spain, Portugal, France, and the Dutch.

- We beaten the monopoly of Portuguese sugar with Colonial Sugar island sugar.