By : Sherman Alexie, Made By : Payten Graham Period : 1,2


The theme of Smoke Signals is that you need to forgive others.Throughout most of the book Victor is mad at his father for leaving him and his mother. But after Suzy explains to him that he wasn't really that bad and that he always wanted to come back home, he forgives him. Also, in the start of the book, Arnold Victor's father starts a fire that kills Thomas' parents and for a long time he was mad at himself. But when he met Suzy he let it go and forgave himself for killing his parents.

Plot and Conflict

As a small child Victor Joseph's father leaves him and his mother. Ten years later Victor's mother receives a call the Arnold Joseph, Victor's father, has just died. Victor is sent to collect his father's remains but cannot afford to go. Then Thomas offers to give him money. In exchange, he will be able to tag along while on the road. Victor and Thomas talk about many different things and have many different arguments. Then when they reach their destination, they meet Suzy Song. Suzy tells them many different stories that she and Arnold shared. While there Suzy helps Victor realize that his father was not all bad . After leaving with Victor's father's remains and a few other of his possessions they are in a car wreck. While at the scene of the wreck Victor must run many many miles to get help. When he finally reaches someone he collapses from running so many miles. He then wakes up in a hospital just find that the drunk driver who caused the wreck was trying to press charges on him. The police officers were very understanding and let him go. Victor and Thomas then travel back to their reservation with the knowledge that Arnold Joseph always wanted to come back to his son.

Main Characters


In Smoke Signals the basketball and basketball games he and his father played together symbolize all the good times they enjoyed together. Throughout the book there are many stories about Victor and his father playing basketball together. Although it may seem like it is just a basketball, if you think about it very closely and you'll realize the true meaning of the basketball and basketball games in Smoke Signals.