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October 18, 2017

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The New Rs: Rigor, Relevance & Relationships

Join us on November 7 for a recharging day of learning for teachers and leadership on "The New Rs: Rigor, Relevance & Relationships." Dr. Debbie Tribble, Dallas Baptist University, and Gainesville Mayor Jim Goldsworthy will be keynote speakers, followed by breakout sessions tailored specifically for teachers and administrators.

Register here.

List of breakout sessions.

Advanced Academics and Gifted Education Advisory Meeting in November


Region 11 Advanced Academics and Gifted Education Advisory Committee Meeting

November 6, 9 am.–12 Noon

Administrators, Counselors, GT Directors, GT Coordinators, and GT Specialists, mark this date on your calendar to receive updates from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and other organizations. Those attending will have an opportunity to provide feedback on advanced academics and GT programming at ESC Region 11 as well as input on districts' needs in those areas.

BrightBytes Deep Data Dive on December 8

A team of three from each participating district is invited to attend the free BrightBytes Deep Data Dive on December 8 at ESC Region 11. The team should consist of the tech director, curriculum director, and one other person from central office or administration.

With the BrightBytes data collection completed, the next step is to learn how to connect the dots and understand how indicators such as teacher skills, professional development, policies, and access to technology affect activities and behaviors occurring (or not occurring) in the classroom.

December 8

8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
ESC Region 11
Breakfast provided by BrightBytes

Registration is requested.

Does Your District Use Canvas? Read More to Find Out Why It Should!

If your district is participating in the Instructional Services contract with ESC Region 11 for the 2017-18 school year, the Canvas Learning Management System is available to you. Canvas Learning Management System serves as an extended online classroom, providing teachers and students 24/7 access to online learning activities.

With the Instructional Services contract, the district has access to:

  • Its own Canvas environment for all teachers, students, and parents as well as dedicated support and training by Canvas
  • 12 free hours of customized, hands-on training by our staff at ESC Region 11
  • A free, self-paced, online course titled "Course Design & Delivery in Canvas." This online course runs every term. Find a session and register today
  • A fee-based online course titled "Course Design in Canvas: Advanced Features"

More than 47 districts in our region have implemented Canvas. Some are starting small with just a handful of teachers; some are providing only professional development courses in Canvas; others are going live with all teachers, students, and courses. It’s exciting to see how everyone is using Canvas to provide online and blended learning opportunities!

If your district does not have a Canvas environment yet, it takes between 30-90 days for Canvas to be implemented and ready to go live for teachers and students. Please request a demonstration or a Q&A session to see how powerful Canvas can be from the viewpoint of the student, the teacher, C&I personnel, and technology staff.

Contact Giovanna Piazza to get your Canvas environment up and running, to request a demo, or to discuss your training options.

Connect2Texas: Extends Learning

Connect2Texas supports the growth of students and brings the outside world into their lives. Our programs create authentic learning experiences for students and extend learning beyond the classroom.

Just last week, 9th- and 10th-grade students at Burleson Collegiate High School connected to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Park Ranger Craig Hensley from the Guadalupe River State Park introduced birds through a live bird-banding demonstration. Students observed songbirds and discovered the science of bird banding. Through the program, students learned what bird banding is; equipment, skills, and training that are required; how bird banding leads to understanding bird migration; longevity of birds and population dynamics as well as how they can contribute to the knowledge of bird research if they ever find a bird with a band on it.

If you are interested in extending learning beyond the classroom by connecting your students to real experts working in many areas, visit Connect2Texas for a complete list of providers and the excellent programs offered.

Visit the Connect2Texas website to register for upcoming events. If you would like to receive our weekly program updates, contact Lori Hamm-Neckar.

ELAR Advisory Meeting Set for November

ELAR coordinators and curriculum specialists who wish to network as a team are encouraged to join the ESC Region 11 English/Language Arts/Reading (ELAR) team on November 15, 9-11 a.m. The discussion will include recent TEA and legislative updates, Commissioner Morath’s priorities, and other instructional initiatives. The advisory meeting will be collaborative and will also allow our region to build a plan for the future TEKS rollout. Register here but please be sure you are signed in to your Region 11 account.

In the News - Granbury ISD

Twenty-four Granbury High School students constructed an all-aluminum, full-sized two-seat airplane during the 2016-17 school year. The airplane will be presented to the public during a breakfast event at Granbury Regional Airport on October 21.

This plane will fly out of the Granbury airport for two years, and GHS aerospace students will be eligible to receive up to 20 hours of free flight instruction in the aircraft that they built. To be eligible for the instruction, students must pass the Federal Aviation Administration written examination for a private pilot license.

The Van's RV-12 model airplane was constructed from a kit composed of thousands of parts requiring the students’ strict adherence to hundreds of plans sheets. The students learned to read and interpret the instruction manual and thousands of assembly drawings. They mastered the use of basic metal working tools and developed hands-on metal working skills. By working in small groups on many subassemblies, the students acquired and demonstrated planning, problem-solving skills, and leadership. Read more about the airplane on Granbury ISD's website.

Texas Summit Series with George Couros and Kevin Kush set for November

ESC Region 11 is excited to partner with HUMANeX Ventures to offer the Texas Summit Series, December 6-7, featuring George Couros, author and leadership coach, and Kevin Kush, superintendent, author, and motivational coach. With so many people in a district who need to grow as motivators, team builders, and leaders, we are inviting superintendents, central office administrators, HR directors, campus administrators, athletic directors, special education directors, or anyone else aspiring to become a leader.

More information here (.pdf)

To reserve your spot, please contact:

Lisa Glenn – (940) 390-4838

Kate Faughn – (402) 486-1102

Learning Opportunities for YOU at ESC Region 11

Teacher Preparation Program Information Meetings

Do you know someone who is interested in becoming a teacher through alternative certification? It's true that the teacher certification process can seem intimidating and confusing. But during the free information meetings on October 19 and November 16, our certification team will explain the process, provide details about the ESC Region 11 preparation program for teacher certification and answer questions. Please register for the October 19 meeting OR the November 16 meeting.

Read more about the ESC Region 11 Teacher Preparation Program.

Texas Transition Conference in February


The Texas Transition Conference, February 21-23, is a two-day event for transition-related personnel, general education teachers, administrators, TWC vocational rehabilitation counselors, parents, students, and advocates. The conference includes information on evidence-based practices resulting in a smooth transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilities. Participants will receive training in five focus areas:
  • student-focused planning,
  • family involvement,
  • interagency collaboration,
  • student development, and
  • program structure.

Additional information and registration are available on the Texas A&M website.

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