Mentoring AQ 2016

A Summary By Dion, Spencer, and Sarah

Mentoring For All

Handbook and presentation by Jim Strachan (Education Officer with Ontario Ministry of Education - Supports teacher development across Ontario)

  • There are multiple models of mentorship and roles the mentor can take on (consultant, collaborator, coach)
  • Build a mentoring web
  • The power of listening by attending fully, pausing and rephrasing, using non-verbal encouragement and reflecting on feelings
  • Goal setting
  • Ask scaling questions
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Mental Health

Be aware of the resources available in your board:

-School Level

-Board Level

-For Students

-For Staff

-For Your Family

"Everyone, as a community member, has 2 responsibilities regardless of their age; sharing your gift and equally willing to listen and learn," - Wendy Donaldson

Are you on board?

When a problem comes your way how do you react?
  • Jump on board and be part of the solution
  • Stand in the way and get hit with a confrontation
  • Get dragged along and pulled into the negative emotions

Brené Brown "The Power of Vulnerability"

  • What should scare me?
  • Who's to blame?
  • Never enough...
  • Blame is discharging of discomfort and pain
  • Does your emotion and reaction to a situation mobilize or immobilize you?
  • "An ordinary life has become synonymous with irrelevant life," - Brené Brown

Sharing of Great Discoveries

Sharing of research papers that investigate a variety of topics and philosophies related to mentoring